Well, since you are reading the article anyway, let me clarify one thing first – there is NO destiny.

There is no destiny within the ambit of the larger destiny that the universe has for you. Confused? Yes, that was my objective. I think and act like a mystique, and it helps to keep you confused.

Let’s now jump to the only five things that matter today. They are the 5 things that are most likely holding you from your real destiny, from achieving your goals, from jumping to your next big step, and probably from becoming the new UN chief (well, on second thoughts no – you may not want to be that guy in these troubled times).

holding you back
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1. Addiction to live in a parallel universe.

This parallel universe is a one that you create by asking yourself “what if”.

What if you had not chosen science at high school? What if your friends were influential people who wouldn’t mind dropping a thousand or two on an occasional dinner? What if you could have kicked your boring job a decade back? What if you had opted to take money instead of opting for being charitable?

You know as well as me that this is a never ending loop. Repeat after me – “the past does not matter”.

There may be multiple parallel universes out there with life shooting off in other directions, but YOU are in this universe. Accept it as it is this moment, and accept yourself for what you are TODAY.


2. Perception that you are constrained by the past.

There is no such thing as constrained by the past. Yes, it is certainly a word in the dictionary, but not a word that should guide your life.

Every day is a new day. It is full of opportunities for you to tap into, to learn things that you did not know of previously, to appreciate the joy of living, and to breathe each new breath.

You make up your own constrain. There is no one holding you back from becoming what you want to become.

But, it may be a good idea to have an achievable plan in place before thinking of becoming Captain Kirk.


3. You have to comprehensively predict the future.

Often, you put yourself under pressure to set a big list of goals that are possible to track. You lay out plans carefully so that the next 50 years in your life can be spent in comfort.

And, suddenly someone or something spoils the party. You decide to move town thereby making the carefully designed home unusable for your needs. Some crackpot decides to nuke your city, or send a meteor rushing towards the 10 square kilometre radius that had you on the periphery. Or, you decide that enough is enough living a materialistic life.

You can never predict things in life. Let them be.

Set your goals, set your plan, work towards your plan. You cannot control every obstacle that comes in your way, you cannot have solutions to every situation that you will ever encounter. Learn not to fear the potential future failures.


4. You need everything that you possess, and then some.

You need things that you actively use on a daily basis. You need some things you bought last year in the hope of using it during the course of the year. You may be better off holding on to things, rather than seeing them go and buying them 5 years down the line.

You will never use things that you have not used in the previous year.



You will be surprised at the bare necessities that you need to make a living. Everything else is just cluttering your life. Get rid of them. Donate them, sell them, or just throw them away.

The kiddie ride that you bought when your daughter was two, the furniture that you have safely placed in the attic, the books that you wished studied during your Engineering course, or the Hawaiian T-shirt that you hate to see yourself in. If they are not used for more than a month, you don’t need them.

Buy stuff that you absolutely need. Keep stuff that you absolutely need.


5.  Your stature cannot allow you to do anything outside of it.

Your stature and personality is your own creation. You have an image of yourself being good at things and doing those things in the absolutely best way possible.

Destroy that rigid personality, your ego at will.

There is no stature.

destroy your image of yourself

Compare yourself not to other human beings, but to the stars, planets and the universe.

Having an rigid image of yourself can lead to dissatisfaction, worry or anger that others don’t see you in the same way. You see things in black and white where all the bad happens when others call out a image that is contrary to what you believe.

Shed your image, just “be”. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Your comfort area is what may be holding you back.


Be confident, have a positive outlook in life, and work every moment to succeed. Nothing can hold you back.