There is never short of one thing in life – time.

But some of us seem to never catch all the time we want, while others get all the time they need for the weirdest of activities. Here are 5 websites for those of you who have a bit of time on your hands.

1. Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is the TV for the next generation. Install the plugin in Firefox or Chrome, set your interests, and you are set to spend countless hours in front of the new idiot box.

5 websites that while away your time

You could learn, share your political opinions and give your care to the world, but why waste time doing that when you could mindlessly browse through websites one after the other just like TV channels.


2. Useless Web

For the people who find Stumble Upon to be too enlightening, there is always Useless Web.

5 interesting websites

If you are polite enough and say click on “please”, this website can show you wonders.

Like a website where you can hit a man with an eel – virtually of course.


Or, a website where you can see cats falling all day long. Throw them around and still see them bounce back. Oh, what has this world come to?

time waster websites


3. Magic Eye

If clicking multiple times seems lot of work, I can perfectly understand.

How about staring at the screen to see what is right in front of your eyes, but not everyone can see it? Welcome to Magic Eye.

While away your time with these websites

These are the same guys who make apparently 3D pictures that frustrate people who cannot identify the picture within the picture, but delight those who can.


4. Pointless Diagrams

If you spend enough time with Magic Eye, it is time to get promoted and move on to better things. And, what better promotion can it be other than to identify patterns where none exist. Or, they do exist and only you can find out?

Get yourself to Pointless Diagrams, and be the delight of artists everywhere.

spend time with pointless pictures


5. Imgur

If you have spent all your energy on doing nothing with the 4 tips above, you have not seen anything.

Unless you visit imgur that is. Images – stupid, serious, humorous, silly and in all other formats, get uploaded here by the millisecond.

Where else can you see the great Thor in pink?

feast your eyes on images to kill time


Had enough for one day, or for this month, or for the year?

Thought so.