Prashanth Krishnamurthy

Learn to type like a pro

type faster like a pro using keybr

I have been associated with computers for more than two decades now. During this time, I have typed programs, typed posts, typed emails and then typed some more. As you may have guessed by now – it is safe to assume that I have typed a lot during this time. All this typing would have consumed time – ** a …

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – A good, quick read

stay hungry stay foolish book review

I will be honest here. I don’t read a lot nowadays – Indian authors included. Not that I am free of that habit, it is just a matter of being determined to find enough time in my 14 hours a day spent outside of home. But, fortunately, I did not consider the time aspect when I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. …

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I am

I am is not a thought, it just is.   It is but a thought that makes me recognize the similarities among what Mooji says here, what JK says (equally kindly I might add), and what UG says in a “i couldn’t care less” manner. It is good to see so many things that “I” sort of identify myself with …

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Books that are in the Cloud

book digitize

I have been a technology person all my life. Well, that does not say a lot more than.. I love to experiment with technology and choose what “just works” at any time. and.. I adapt to technology as it happens. At the same time, I accept the fact that this planet is comprised of beings who like to stay behind …

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When will you live the present?

past present future

  After a long time,  I read something that I wanted to read again.. .. and again. .. and so the story goes. The words did hit me that hard. The paragraph is simple enough – You believe that creating your best possible life is a matter of deciding what you want and then going after it, but in reality, …

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Learn productivity from productive people

save time by becoming jumper

Are you one of those who look at Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson and scores of others and wonder – how the heck can they manage to cram so many things in so little time? Do you ever contemplate if – They time travel. While you and I have a slow trip to …

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Are you being sad while pursuing happiness?

problem of pursuing happiness

Are you happy? Immediately upon reading this question, you will be thrown into a turmoil. You start pondering about recent happenings, and whether there is any cause for happiness You think about all the past events – either it may be your success in education or job, marriage, birth or something that delighted you You even think about your current goals …

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3 ways to browse responsibly

improve productivity on computer

Internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. You can get access to invaluable information at the click of a button, connect with smart people around the world, and be the harbinger of change. You can also choose to while away your time, get entertained, have a laugh or two, and check the status of your 121 friends for the …

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Inspire others by offering a helping hand

rangde enables microfinance

Imagine this. You are a 20-year-old kid. Your parents could not afford school. You had pre-decided you did not have it in you anyway. You grew up without anyone noticing how. You went on to get trained on something as humble as bicycle repair. You gradually learnt the art and the science behind bicycles – 10 years of that to …

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Accept Yourself to Find Peace

dont regret past

I came across this recent post on Reddit, where a 46 year old person called John confesses where he went wrong in life. In summary, he feels that he threw away the beautiful life clinging to the safety of a 9-5 job. The merits and mistakes of a job are safely dealt with later, but what matters here is the …

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