Save money on books (again)

See the first part of this article to check on how libraries help you. But I do understand libraries are not for everyone – for starters, you may not want to feel the pressure of committing to read something in a finite time. For others, it is just filling up the books till you can actually feel the knowledge transferring …

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Save money on books

Reading books is a fantastic habbit, and a topic worth its own book. But, we are not here to discuss that. Reading books (especially the new ones) will cost you money – a lot of money if you live in countries like mine (Though the situation is improving with the differential pricing). So, how do you keep your hobby alive …

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[Bangalore] Save Commute Time (or Start Utilizing It)

Bangalore traffic is not for the light-hearted. It is also not for pedestrians, cyclists, old people, kids, and what may be accepted as ‘normal humans’ elsewhere. Not to forget our animal friends, the roads are no place for dogs, cats, squirrels, cows, crows and such. Photo Courtesy: Jace It is not that the pot holes are out to kill you, …

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