I know, I know – I am falling into that trap of quantifying anything and everything related to self improvement, self motivation or personality development.But, lately I have seen so many “top X ways to do Y” that I could not resist.
More over, I see that people love to put a quantity to something that is not quite physical and arguably, not completely defined. It looks like all of us love to have our feeble control over what we can, while we read and digest information (and not take action).So then, let’s proceed.

What indeed is motivation?

Wikipedia defines motivation as “the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life.

Motivation is what drives you today, and will continue to drive tomorrow. If you loose the motivation to live, the will to live – you die. Since humans have an excruciating will to live, there is no dearth of motivation in that department.

So, the term motivation as we use in our daily context, refers to the motivation to carry out a task, or to accomplish something.

We attribute our contribution and performance towards the success of a task to the extent to which we are motivated towards the cause.


Motivation is the driving force behind what you do. You want that motivation for the task to succeed, and thereby laying foundations for your own success. As they say, it is easier said than done.

6 tips to be super motivated

Here are the really simple 6 tips to be super motivated, and stay that way.

  1. Keep the right focus, get your priorities correct.
    You have taken up a task with an objective in mind. Write down that objective, and go back to it time and again. Measure yourself against that objective on a daily basis. Keep your eye on the ball.
  2. Visualise success.
    What does success mean to you? It may be peace of mind, sense of accomplishment, satisfaction of solving a great problem, attaining wealth. Success means a lot to everyone, you are no different. Visualize yourself attaining the set objective, and periodically go back to thinking about what success means to you.
  3. Think solutions, not problems.
    Problems are meant to be solved. Don’t let problems discourage you from your path to success. See problems as opportunities to improve upon yourself, and what you can do.
    Do not blow up the problems out of proportion, or think yourself to be in a situation that is unsolvable. Do not let your perspectives and your previous baggage impact future decisions.
    Welcome the problems – they are a break in the monotony of life. See yourself as getting better at solving them, and moving towards your goal.
  4. Put things in perspective.
    You have set yourself an objective. You have set a plan of action. You also see a stream of problems, and possible solutions. You have a thousand people to carry with you towards the goal. You have tens of thousands of other minor issues calling your attention. Let all that not deter you from seeing where you are, and what you can be in the scheme of things.
    Write a simple time scale on a cardboard, and keep track of that progress. Every problem, every solution and every living being has a place in that perspective. You just have the simple, exciting and enjoyable task of aligning everything and everyone towards the objective.
  5. Love change.
    Adapt to changes as they come. You have the focus on the objective, the path does not matter. Don’t see changes as your obstacles, but opportunity for improvement.
  6. Reward thyself.
    What is a task without reward? Rewards may not be financial but something that can appeal to you and provide the satisfaction of an accomplishment. Set small measurements of success, see yourself achieving them, and reward yourself for the success.

But again, Do not be afraid of redefining your objective. Change can impact everything and everyone.

At the end of the day, repeat point (3) above in a much larger context. Yes, your objective means a lot. What does that objective mean to the universe? Play the game as a player. There are going to be successes and failures – you come out a better human being either ways.

Do not be harsh on yourself. Forgive yourself for any blunders, mistakes. Forget the past, remember the lessons, and move on.

Remember – you have a goal, and you stay motivated because you love the goal. It gives your purpose, it gives you a tomorrow you can look forward to, and a current moment that you can be happy about while working towards that goal. But, don’t let the goal itself stress you to the point of breaking. Life is beautiful and deserves nothing but joy. Enjoy!


Comment if you know better 🙂