Amazon Kindle is a addiction in a good way.

You can never tire from seeing books, books and more books – in all the categories that a human brain can decipher.

The only problem as I see it – is money. I have only a few resources and need to take care of my next bread (or next dosa, next smart phone) before I splurge everything I have on books.

So, one of my life’s quests have been to locate good source of books supplied at low or no cost. I know Project Gutenberg, but here I am talking about focus on contemporary writing. Of course, you cannot expect the latest and greatest in the literary world to be made available to you in this way. But, there are more than a few hidden gems that form a continuous stream of good reads.

Here are the greatest resources to locate the best reads available for free.

1. OneHundredFreeBooks

This is the first in my list, since this also happens to be my favourite. OneHundredFreeBooks (or OHFB) lists the latest free resources on You can locate the time limited discounts or free editions of the book, and make it yours for ever.

great kindle books for free on ohfb

Each book has a short description to go with it, and the download link.

As with any free books on Amazon, you need to pay attention to the book price when you land on amazon site. Some of the books change prices by the hour, and you don’t want to realize it too late. Also, non-US residents (=you have a non-US residential/delivery/profile address) may see different prices.

2. ManyBooks

Get the latest free books, and discounted books at

great kindle books


You can search for books by titles, authors, language, and genre. You can see a lot of details about the book itself, its reviews, and popularity. The only problem for me – they are more focused on old school literary works.

3. FreeBooksy can get you free books on Kindly, Nook, Kobo or Apple – all download buttons in one place!

sources to find limited time discounted books on

You get a quick book description, the cover, and relevant download buttons.

4. HundredZeros

Organized into categories and easily searchable, does a good job in bringing the latest in free books from Amazon to the readers.

sources for free kindle books

You can read description about the books, and click the “Download” button to be taken to the relevant page.

I have a kind of hit or miss with hundredzeros. Many of the books that were made available free of cost for a limited time continue to find their active listing. Don’t bother going beyond the fifth or sixth page in a category – they are most likely to have ended their promotional pricing.

5. eReaderIQ has some amazing discounts and freebies on Kindle books. You can search for books, view books by category, see description, and view review comments. kindle freebies

I often find books here that I find nowhere else. You can also put books on your watch list and get notified about any discounts.

6. PixelScroll not only deals with discounted and free books, but also Kindle apps, music, movies and more. amazon kindle discounted books

The listing is not impressive. You will find the focus on fiction novels that are listed as posts.

7. PixelOfInk does a good job of providing free books, and the deepest discounts for the day.

find discounted kindle books on amazon easily

You can view books by categories, but the most popular function is to provide posts that give discount details (and you are done). You will also find a professionally written description, and some reviews.

The popups are annoying, but I can live.

8. ILoveEBooks does a fair job of listing the free books of the day. You can see the older listings, and view books by categories. I avoid doing that here, or anywhere else since most of the books (the books that we all seek) are gone by the time I reach them.

There is nothing else here, you click on the eBooks to be taken to the Amazon site. get Kindle books for free

9. FreeBooksHub lists the latest free books as well as books that are selling at cheap, discounted rates. The site sports the eBook cover, a description, and is arranged by descending order of the listing date.

freebookshub get free book listing from

The listing is somewhat off-putting but the results matter, right?


There is no (10), that is for you to fill up. What do you think about books, free books, and Kindle?