10 video websites that you didn’t know

You can never go wrong if you think videos are entertaining.

You can replace one idiot box (the “TV”) with the other (the “computer”), and have the same idiot (“you”) – it is still the same lethal combination.

But, the internet is vast and there lies the problem. So as an one time favour to you, I have collated all the world’s entertainment in one post. This post alone has the potential to point you to years of fun – all without leaving your living room (or garage, or bathroom, or wherever your computer is).


1. Vevo.com

Head over to http://vevo.com to check out what is popular at this moment. If you are in one of the fortunate souls outside the designated regions blessed with this service, you can always head back to Veevo on Youtube!

If you ever get tired with all the popular videos at the moment, you could use different categories to head over to the past on the same website. Amazing, I know.


2. BestofYouTube

No, this is not YouTube.

This is the best of YouTube.

interesting video sites


Hand picked, or handiwork of bots that look out for most likes, or anything that the site owner fancies for, BestofYoutTube.com will get you videos of the past, present and future that are popular on YouTube.


3. Funny or Die

This was quite well known to me until I completely forgot it existed. FunnyOrDie has some great exclusive videos, and a lot more collated ones that are, well, funny



funny videos other than youtube


4. Wimp

No, I am not insulting you. Wimp.com is a real site.

amazing video collection websites

It is a collection of videos from multiple sources that are entertaining, educating, and more.


5. Blinkx

Blinkx gets the most viral of the videos to you on one platform.

videos to pass time


6. Stupid Videos

You have to watch this if you are confident about the future of humanity.

entertaining video collection


7. Fark

No, I did not misspell it. Fark.com has witty comments and some good collated videos. You can contribute as well if you like.

great funny video websites

8. Devour

Not the food, just the videos. Devour.com serves you hand picked videos that are fun to watch.



9. Need for fun

Need for fun features funny videos from everywhere.

funny video sites


10. The Most Amazing Videos

The most amazing videos from YouTube (and other sites), or not. This website is most definitely comprised of videos pulled in from various sites using automated scripts, but has lately become a window to YouTube. You are forced to be a source of ad revenue by watching countless hours of fun.

amazing video websites


Know of other crazy video websites, comment and let me know!

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