3 Apps to Make Free International Calls

Gone are the days of haggling with unknown numbers, calling cards, and fidgeting with complex methods to reach out to a friend.

Internet has revolutionized the international and domestic calling space, and all you have to do now is to do a couple of taps to get to the dear one.

Of course, not all apps are born equal. Here are 5 apps that I really liked.


1. Skype

Skype has gone through a revolution of sorts, and has morphed into something more complex than a VoIP phone. While continuing to provide a consistent superior experience, Skype (under Microsoft) has stayed free and focused on its goals.

skype phone

You can do multiple things on Skype –

  • Audio call
  • Video call
  • Chat
  • Create groups
  • Use Skype on your desktop computer, Android/iOS/Windows phone

I liked the privacy settings on Skype since it allows me to choose who I talk to or chat with!


2. Coco

A relative newcomer to the field, but Coco grabbed my attention with simplicity.

You just install the app on your Android, iOS or Windows phone to get assigned a number. The app is pretty slick and fast, your number on the phone gets verified within no time, and you can get started chatting away.

icoco voice chat call

You can use the Coco number from anywhere – probably a double take on people who feel the need to remember a number against a person.

  • Audio call
  • Chat
  • Create groups
  • Send voice messages
  • Create/join chat rooms
  • Use the app on Android/iOS/Windows phone

Coco probably sees itself as a social platform that is mobile-first. You can capture moments within your life and share with others, or create/join local groups – “make new friends” as the app puts it. Looks like they are targeting an younger crowd.

Coco is still a startup. The quality is great, it is completely free, and ads do not distract.

Coco is something you could use when you desperately want a number assigned against yourself.


3. WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp gained immense popularity as a chat tool, it started testing audio calls about an year back. It looks like they have opened the gates to everyone now (except me – I do not see this enabled on my phone!).

The excellent WhatsApp capabilities got enhanced by the Voice call. Since everyone including my neightbour’s dog are on WhatsApp, it makes connecting with them all the more easier.

  • Audio call
  • Chat
  • Share videos and voice messages
  • Create/join groups


WhatsApp is supported on Symbian, Nokia phones, and on BlackBerry in addition to Android, Windows and iOS. This makes the app reach more people in the developing markets.


I have known other apps including Viber (too gimicky with stickers, spams Android notification bar), WeChat, Line, Messenger (by Facebook, probably does not have a bright future), Google Hangouts and Hike (only chat, made in India!). All good apps I am sure, and most promising to remain free for the indefinite future. But, none of them has the lasting impression as the three mentioned here.


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