30 ways to improve your brain power

Who doesn’t want more power? And, who doesn’t want power to gain more power?

I don’t see enough hands being raised. I safely assume humans love one word when it comes to power – “more”. But, we are not here to talk about power over other humans, but power over yourself. Power over the most important part that gives us the unparalleled ability to think and deduce – brain.

improve brain power

Brain has to be taken care of, exercised, and provided nourishment just like any other part of the body. Follow these top 30 ways to get your brain functioning flawlessly until you had enough of it. Improve your brain power – results guaranteed folks, see disclaimer below.

  1. Meditate. Meditation is not a religious thing. Focus on your favorite God, thing, or nothing. Cleanse your brain from time to time, adjust the frequency and feel your brain refreshed.
  2. Read books. Analyse books. Make your own notes about the books you read. Reading can be an immensely satisfactory experience since you get to think while you read, you create your own thoughts, worlds, or stories.
  3. Think positive. You don’t need to dwell on the mistakes that you did eons back, how your friends/co-workers are not helping out in the time of need, or how noisy your neighbour’s dog is. Keep a positive frame of mind, focus on positive energies.
  4. Visualise where you want to be. Write it down/create a simple infographic, put it on your wall. Stare at it for at least a minute daily, and think about what you have done to reach your objective.
  5. Become aware, be mindful of your day to day activities. Think about what you are doing, whether you need to do it, and in what way you can optimise it.
  6. Observe with all curiosity and passion that you can muster. Bring back the child in you. Wonder about the everyday things you see, question the motives of the universe, and yourself.
  7. De-clutter. Remove all clutter from life – thoughts, things, possessions. Think what you don’t need, get rid of them. You will see focus return to what matters. Your brain chills out, and readjusts to the new you.
  8. Learn to see each day as new. Each day is an opportunity to do something new, create something new, spread happiness, and be joyful. See your brain patterns change with your belief.
  9. Choose a person as your role-model. Follow their work, learn what they say and do, and try to be them. Think what they would think, and act like they would in a given situation.
  10. Mix up your routine. See your brain stay focused since you are doing things with rigour, not with passive rehearsal.
  11. Take a new route to work or school, or choose a new mode of transport.
  12. Travel. It improves your perspective, enlarges your world, and opens up new “thought mines” for the brain.
  13. Think all perspectives of a given problem. Summarize solutions, argue against yourself why the solution works, and why it doesn’t.
  14. Do less, but with more intensity. Do fewer activities but focus on them like you are doing them for the first time. Talk to fewer people, but do that like you do with new people who may be potentially influential.
  15. Earmark time to just observe the problem, feeling or situation. Don’t draw conclusions or create solutions, just see them for what they are.
  16. See situations, people, and things around you as dots. Connect seemingly unrelated dots into a pattern. Relate seemingly unconnected situations.
  17. Reverse the use of your hands. Try to throw ball or write with your left hand if you are a “righty”.
    reverse use of hands
    src: utexas.edu
  18. Experiment. Do not be afraid of mistakes, they make you a better person.
  19. Cleanse your mind of unneeded things. Maintain a to-do list, de-clutter your mind of unneeded thoughts, and refocus on what matters. You don’t need to remember payment of insurance next month – a reminder can do it for you, you don’t need to continue getting annoyed about the bug you introduced in the program last month.
  20. Teach something. Outline what you have learnt to others. Talking, discussing and clarifying issues for others helps you bring clarity to your own thoughts.
  21. Do calculations mentally. Learn new methods to solve math problems, do it in your mind without using calculator and without using paper.
  22. Do brain exercises. Solve puzzles – cross-word puzzles, sudoku, anything that makes you think and solve problems.
  23. Read with the book upside down.
  24. Learn to remember. Think about what you did yesterday during this time, and how the whole day went hour after hour. Remember what you did on the same day last year, or the one nearest to the day.
  25. Do physical exercise. Work outs not only tone your body, but also your mind.
  26. Immerse yourself in music. Listen to music (different kinds of music if possible). Learn to play music. Music can make you creative, and put your brain at a better frequency of functioning.
    immerse in music improve brain power
    src: trupanion
  27. Take up a new hobby. Take up gardening, or simply collect stamps – makes you think something new.
  28. Play, take up a new sport. Learn how you can be good at it.
  29. Learn a new language.
  30. Get enough sleep.


There went the bell with the #30.

If you have followed these and did not see your brain power increase, just comment and I will reimburse your time in a parallel universe.

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