I came across this recent post on Reddit, where a 46 year old person called John confesses where he went wrong in life.

In summary, he feels that he threw away the beautiful life clinging to the safety of a 9-5 job.

The merits and mistakes of a job are safely dealt with later, but what matters here is the human feeling.

You feel bad that you did not complete your education with higher grades. You do not like the fact that you had been too busy in your job to care about health, family, or having fun. You imagine often what you could have turned out to be only if you had joined that company which offered a lower salary but an exciting job.

The list goes on.

The premise remains the same across these arguments. You strongly feel some phase of life could have been better, and since you cannot really change that – you create your own hell, and you revel in “what if” scenarios.

Since we do not have a working time machine, these thoughts go nowhere but jet along in your head.

dont regret past

And, you will not get anything else done. Who doesn’t love to blame others for their problems – here you are just blaming your past self.


Accept what you are

The first thing you do when you are in a situation is to accept yourself.

Yes, there were instances of glaring stupidity in display. There were indeed problems that could have been addressed better. You could have changed the course of history be deciding to take the 7:30 metro instead of starting 10:30.

All this could have happened, but they did not. Accept it. There is no point thinking about the past and regretting it.

Today is a new day. This moment is the new moment.

It is never late. Even if you could not become the greatest football star today, there is always a chance of participating in senior Olympics!

Yesterday, last year, last decade do not matter. You have learnt your lessons, apply those lessons and move on. Think about what you want to do now.

Today is what you focus on.

But, do plan for tomorrow. It may not be a good idea to head over to Spain this moment Рunless you can afford it. Strategise on what you want to do, split that into goals and take action.

enjoy today. plan life for tomorrow

You have the satisfaction of living life you love this moment. And, that’s what counts.