I work with technology day in and out. And, I never stop feeling amazed at what I can do today. We live in a day and age like none other in the remembered human history. And, technology is only growing.

AI is one such piece of technology that is feared and revered at the same time.

AI starts with machines that can learn by learning how they can get to the desired outcome. The machine learning program is a program that runs routines itself to optimize results until you get to that expected outcome. You don’t tell the machine what to do, you just tell it what you want, give a data set of starting points, a data set of results and the degree of correctness in those results.

All this is because I recently came across this site that is having intelligent routines figure out how to complete a paragraph that is started by a human (presumably – we will get to what defines a human later).

So, this is what I provided –

Do we human beings make any difference in this world or in the universe? The universe is so vast and we are so tiny to matter.

We cannot remember the last 100 years but claim to make sense of the vast, the billion years, and all that is associated with that.

We simply do not matter.

Pretty depressing outlook on our state of affairs. And, I bet a human would react with incremental additions depending on at what state she is in – a happy person will react with how we could see something positive there and what we could do about it. While a person on the other side of the spectrum may reinforce all the pessimistic thoughts circling around in his brain at the time.

No surprise by now – that’s how a machine reacts and continues my thought for me.

Pass 1

This was a good start – we had a positive-sounding person who was smart and intelligent. What more – this guy quotes a Dr. Hern, who I am sure, will be my friend in the future.

“So in that sense, we are nothing but a speck of dust. Perhaps the idea that we are important to everything in the cosmos just to be of service to it is just as illogical and as illogical as saying that all life in the universe is insignificant.

“Perhaps all that the world is is insignificant and if we really were all mere molecules we would not have to be afraid of death and pain, we would be content.”

But Dr Hern had been at pains to add in the past to acknowledge that in some ways he wanted to see the universe in an age of technology where people had more control over their environment. He said it was not a contradiction in terms to say that human beings are only important because of the power they possess, which “in many places” can make some people ”

Pass 2

This guy pushes me to a deeper depression.

This is such a sad thing, but it is true. It is true in the sense that human beings could not have changed the past, or changed the future. Human beings are just one part of the universe and, therefore, we do not matter.

Pass 3

But we are so small against all forces, to that there is no answer.

It’s like in music. The chord of the piano is important, but the sound can be produced by other chords. In nature, the same thing would apply. It has much more to do with who is listening to it or being affected by it than it does with the sound itself. If there is no melody, there is no meaning. But if there is something to be affected by it, that also changes the way we hear things. When some people were living in very simple times and were unable to comprehend the vastness of it, they had their minds closed. And as time goes on into the present, they have been able to make sense of it, and they can understand the importance. What they understand is nothing but the present moment.

The third response blew my mind and made me cry (well, that’s that). He does not just quote the scriptures or agree/disagree with what I said. But he takes the whole conversation to a new level. A level that many authors will only dream to reach in their life times.

In Conclusion

All hail our future best friend and feared enemy – put into one being.

AI will just take the current condition and make it even more so that the brain wallows in the unimagined happiness, sadness, the horror and excitement. Give more of anything, and it returns more of the same.

So, at one point – this will be just like the Universe. Give more of good, and you get good – ever true, but in quantities that are not consistent.

Head over to https://talktotransformer.com/ and have fun.