App for multiple message apps – you got that

I am scary of the “new” messaging world nowadays.

At a minimum, I get to enjoy –

  • WhatsApp
  • SMS messages / Google Hangout
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Snapchat

This is in addition to the all magnificent social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

This obviously is information overload. So, did you not at sometime wonder what if you could force all your friends, grandma and dog to the same platform? How easy life would have become – all in one place, neatly arranged, and quick to process/dispose and enjoy other aspects of what becomes life.

As if that is going to happen.

So you get the next best thing – an app to track messages from other apps.

Meet Snowball – the app that will not end all messaging apps, but help you dispose of messages quickly.

What Snowball does is simple enough

  • displays all messages from various apps on the phone at one window.
  • shows the sender, and the message.
  • allows you to mark messages as “read”
  • enables you to access the message quickly through the big buttons at the bottom of the screen

You can view the conversations across the platforms organized by person – which makes the absolute sense.

Do take note though – you can respond to the message only through the original app.

Snowball is available on Android.

Try Snowball

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