Prashanth Krishnamurthy

10 video websites that you didn’t know

amazing video collection websites

You can never go wrong if you think videos are entertaining. You can replace one idiot box (the “TV”) with the other (the “computer”), and have the same idiot (“you”) – it is still the same lethal combination. But, the internet is vast and there lies the problem. So as an one time favour to you, I have collated all …

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Cable prices go north

We received additional à la carte rates for specific TV channels from our cable operator.     While this is quite common for people with DTH services, it is being rolled out to households with cable connections in the last year or so.  You could not miss the advisories on hindi language networks from the people you trust – people …

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Become a millionaire by selling idli/dosa

The Hindu had an inspiring story today about iD, the company. “iD Fresh” supplies idli/dosa batter to multiple localities in Bengaluru, and more than a couple of cities in India. What started as a small establishment eight years back, employs more than 650 people, has 70 crore plus turnover, attracts investments from VCs and is looking at expanding in more …

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Voice recognition has come of age

While the world around me have been singing praises about Google Now, Siri and the new Contana, I never had any use for applications that understand voice. First, I did not talk to my smart devices like crazies do. Second, I loved to type – not because I was really good at it, but typing cleared up my mind. I could think …

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5 websites that while away your time

time waster websites

There is never short of one thing in life – time. But some of us seem to never catch all the time we want, while others get all the time they need for the weirdest of activities. Here are 5 websites for those of you who have a bit of time on your hands. 1. Stumble Upon Stumble Upon is …

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Don’t click this

new way to navigate in websites

Seriously. How did you get here after following my instructions? The title clearly says “don’t click”, doesn’t it? The technology geeks would now probably be thinking about a number of weird ways to get here – use tab and enter keys after navigating to the website from the address bar, follow the damn feed, or just use voice control. But …

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You are insignificant!

what we see as humans

There are two websites that you must visit from time to time. A “size” perspective of things We can play around a size scale on this web site to see where humans fit in the grand scheme of things (if at all there is a grand scheme as we understand it). The three pics from the website below summarize our …

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Are you stuck on repeat?

People tend to live in the past or in the future most of the times. It happens thus – You start thinking a glorious time in the past where you had a good time. You think about all the friends and near ones who were with you and your experience in the situation You would want to plan that for sometime in …

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What PK teaches you about embracing change?

pk is good for you

PK is causing quite a sensation. There are daily/hourly calls from all and sundry from the religious right to boycott the movie. There are acts of vandalism in the movie halls, and a general sense of “something is wrong with the movie because the leaders are saying so”. I saw PK last weekend, and was not quite impressed. Yes, it …

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The right way to find game deals

game deals on

If you are like me, you would be keeping an eye (or two) on the ongoing deals for games on Steam sales, Humble Bundle, and a host of other sites. Steam, especially, does multiple repeats of “best, never-before deals” that can cause a couple of nervous breakdowns. Flash deals, seasonal sales and daily deals do not quite help you take the …

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