Prashanth Krishnamurthy

I don’t have enough time!

lack of time to learn something new and tips to find time for something interesting

What is your most favourite answer for any new task that you probably are not doing day in and day out? Yes, that’s the title of this post – “I don’t have enough time”. So where is this mythical time crunch is coming from? Let’s look at a few scenarios. Lack of time scenarios Her: How about learning this new …

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Start meditating today – all it takes is simple breathing review easy ways to start meditation

I have written about easy ways to start meditation before. But, of course we cannot live with one or two sites/apps for such a good idea. is one of those websites. Meditation is one of the good ways to look inwards and find peace, contentment and ability to actively live life. The benefits are multi fold, and have been …

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Planning short trips around Bengaluru? Head here..

short trips around bengaluru

If you are one of those people who get all worked up with the great traffic stories of Bengaluru, and want to stop with that – it is perfectly fine. It so happens that a few people out there carry that enthusiasm to the weekends, and experiment. Their idea of weekends is not sitting in front of the computer to …

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Prioritize your priorities

keep calm and always prioritize

Human mind is an amazing thing. You can think up so much in so little a time that thinking itself can become your favourite hobby. If at all you come out of that and focus on doing your tasks – you do the best thing possible for any action-oriented person. You try to do everything in one go. Take my …

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Only you are holding yourself back


What are you? What are you made of? What are you capable of doing, and not doing? Think. Sit back and think about those questions again. “You” are only the perception of what you have made out to be. At a meta physical level, there is no “you” if you think it does not exist. So, what should be the …

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Cool Discounts on Games [India]

If you had been itching to get some good deals in India and you don’t have lot of hopes on Thanksgiving sales, you are at the right place. Snapdeal has some great offers with deeply discounted games. Contrary to earlier so called “discounts on latest games”, this has some pretty interesting titles under Rs. 500. Enjoy fighting and hunting humans …

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10 Great Resources for Free Kindle Books

sources to find free Kindle books

Amazon Kindle is a addiction in a good way. You can never tire from seeing books, books and more books – in all the categories that a human brain can decipher. The only problem as I see it – is money. I have only a few resources and need to take care of my next bread (or next dosa, next …

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Is Food Crisis Real?

is food famine real

Food crises are never noticed for what they are when they start. Good examples are the beginning of French revolution, and the American Dust Bowl. What started as “those guys don’t seem to have enough food to eat” led to some interesting changes to mankind – especially in the case of former. As is the case with humans, we tend …

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Avoid sleep disturbance from computer monitors

flux control monitor light avoid sleep issues

If you are like me, you will be spending most of the time in front of your computer. Along with causing wrist pain by continuous typing and other such exciting things, did you know that the light from monitor can cause you trouble while sleeping? Blue light can impact the way you sleep, and cause disturbance in the pattern. Monitors …

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App for multiple message apps – you got that

snowball review all messaging apps in one place for Android

I am scary of the “new” messaging world nowadays. At a minimum, I get to enjoy – WhatsApp SMS messages / Google Hangout Viber WeChat Snapchat This is in addition to the all magnificent social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This obviously is information overload. So, did you not at sometime wonder what if you could force all your …

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