If you are like me, you will be spending most of the time in front of your computer.

Along with causing wrist pain by continuous typing and other such exciting things, did you know that the light from monitor can cause you trouble while sleeping?

Blue light can impact the way you sleep, and cause disturbance in the pattern. Monitors are built for day light. They emit the same light all the time, while you do not need the same intensity during night times.

As is typical of guys with computers, the solution is not going away from computer. Instead, we invent an app to vary the light emitted by the monitor automatically so that you can rest in peace.. err, temporarily.

Flux is the answer to that.

flux control monitor light avoid sleep issues

The premise of Flux is very simple. It monitors the temperature of your monitor colours automatically depending on whether it is day or night.

Starting up with Flux is pretty easy. Just download Flux for free, and install it on your computer. Then, you set your location within the application – either search for the nearest city, or just put in your longitude/latitude. You are all set.

Depending on the light conditions, Flux automatically adjusts your monitor colour. Rest assured you will now get more peaceful sleep owing to two reasons –

  • You believe you are doing something good for yourself despite your die-hard computer habits
  • You are backed up by research that sleep does impacted by blue light

You can also disable Flux when you are working on colour-sensitive work.

Go ahead, install Flux and see whether it indeed helps. It is completely free of cost. If your sleep is still disturbed, you can always blame it on the latest bug introduced by someone else.

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