where to buy computer bangalore

When it comes to computers or computer components, there is always a section of people confused about where to research, buy and whom to trust. Although I cannot possible answer all questions and clarify all issues, I can very well specify the approach that I follow. I sincerely believe the approach has lot of advantages and has resulted in saving some money.

  1. First, list down your need. You should physically list down the options, rather than mentally doing some calculations and loosing all that when you visit the store.
    • Do you do programming and need your computer to run complex programs? Do you need the computer to support web development?
    • Are you using the computer for games? Games need processing power and powerful graphics. If you are a casual gamer, you have to answer ‘No’ here. An occasional chess, Diner Dash, or Facebook games do not qualify
    • Do you do extensive office work and need your computer?
    • Do you do movie editing, complex graphics changes?
    • How mobile you want to be?

And so on. There are a ton of websites that try to answer the question, and provide good answers that you can go through or get a solution for your own question. One example who I trust – http://tomshardware.com.

  1. Then, research about which components are right for the stated need. You may:
    • Decide which processor you need (AMD is cheap, Intel is powerful. But there are tens of different processors incl. older processors that are still active on the Indian market)
    • Decide how much RAM do you need (2 GB for low requirements, 4 GB typical, 8-16 GB for high end machines)
    • Decide the mother board (once you finalize the processor, you will get the mother boards in a range that can be as high as Rs. 10,000)
    • Add graphics card depending on how powerful are the games, or graphics editing you want to do
    • Decide on how much hard disk space you need. You are better off choosing at least 500 GB
    • Add monitor, speakers, printer, router as required

You can shortlist more than one option at this stage. For laptops the process remains for some components that are not needed separately (e.g. monitor). Do read up on how well the laptop behaves and how well the vendor offers support. I had bad experiences with couple of companies – where the laptop was overheating, and where the laptop is always unpleasantly warm. The vendor just said that is as per design, and they cannot help. You have to consider the operating system that the laptop comes with into the mix while comparing costs.

  1. Read reviews of your selected components, compare the components you have shortlisted! I do that on a couple of sites:
  2. Check prices and compare some more
    1. Online stores
    2. Offline stores
      • Your friendly neighborhood computer vendor
      • Visit SP Road in Bangalore. When you visit, ** do not ** buy from the first vendor that you meet or like. Visit multiple stores, especially on the cross-roads and the shops on first floor . You can ask for a quote, so that it will be easier to compare after collecting the quote from multiple shops. As of 2013, a few vendors are stockists and sell it cheaper than the rest. All others simply order it from the company stockists and quote Rs.25-100 higher than the stockist. But again, the total cost can be the same since the vendor does not stock everything.

Note that prices vary and in some cases by couple of hundreds, or even thousands. When you inquire prices, be sure to include the part number. Rather than saying “i3 processor”, you have to say “i3 3120”. Not all the people in this world do their business fairly and honestly.Typical consumer goods like laptops, printers, external hard disks etc. tend to be cheaper online especially if you are fine with the wait (wait for the right price, further wait for the product to reach you). Others tend to be cheaper offline, especially on SP Road.

  1. Now, start buying. If you are not comfortable with assembling a desktop yourself, get everything assembled from the vendor. In SP Road, this is done free of cost, and you will also be able to negotiate on the total cost as well. Install software that you need starting from the Operating System. Do not spend any money on anything other than Operating System (unless of course, you are absolutely sure about the need).

Laptops arrive in one piece, and that’s all there is to it. If you really know what you are doing, and can wait some more, there is also an option of looking at almost new, second-buy laptops/desktops at http://bangalore.quikr.com or at https://www.olx.in/bangalore. That is it.. Congratulations, and enjoy your PC!Hope this helped, comment if you have any other ideas on how and where to buy computers in Bangalore!