[Bangalore] How to Buy Car Batteries for Cheap?

car battery

I have had rather good and bad experiences with my car, but more of latter. The number of people who take things for granted and quote exorbitant prices are simply too so many that I doubt whether hyper-local really works in India to provide a cost advantage, greater trust and good quality.Now, back to the core question..

  1. The first step in buying battery is to get the correct nomenclature of the battery. Either refer to the car owner’s handbook or do some queries on the internet. If you have already added significant after-market parts that eat up battery, add up the parts to arrive at how much battery is needed. Diesel and petrol cars have distinct battery requirements, and different models of the same car can be different. For example, the battery for my Indica is DIN44R. You can also check the battery numbers here: Exide, BatteryBhai (yes, that’s a site)
  2. Logon to http://justdial.com (or call them at 0 88888 88888) and post an ad for requirement of car battery and provide your number. You can also use olx.in or quikr.com, but I have typically found justdial responses much better in quality and in the number of responses I get for the ad.
  3. Again, visit your friendly neighborhood dealer. Ask for the price of battery by quoting the part number
  4. Not all batteries are created equal – read reviews. One of the trusted sites out there is http://team-bhp.com. Be wary of the number of years of warranty. Typically better quality of batteries from same company can have longer warranty but cost more, achieve a balance that you are comfortable with. Also, note the differentiation between ‘replacement’ warranty and warranty that offers you discounted rates when you buy a new battery replacement. For e.g. a company may offer you 2 yrs replacement warranty and 3 more yrs of extended warranty. In the extended period, they offer you to replace your battery in case of failure at a fraction of the cost of total battery (say 50% of cost).
  5. Buy (and profit!). If you contact seller on phone, they typically get the battery installed at your door step. The seller is legally obligated to accept the older battery and discount that price from your battery cost. I have typically seen the local buyers quote MRP rates and offer Rs. 200-300 discount, compare that to the offers from JD. Buy whichever is cheaper, the warranty will be provided by the manufacturer anyway.

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