[Bangalore] Save Commute Time (or Start Utilizing It)

Bangalore traffic is not for the light-hearted. It is also not for pedestrians, cyclists, old people, kids, and what may be accepted as ‘normal humans’ elsewhere. Not to forget our animal friends, the roads are no place for dogs, cats, squirrels, cows, crows and such.

Photo Courtesy: Jace

It is not that the pot holes are out to kill you, but the entire Bangalore enters war-zone when you enter the road. And man, they don’t take prisoners there. So, the 1-3 hrs of commute that a typical ‘old’ Bangalorean¬†spends in the traffic is not well spent. But, I have to add this, it certainly teaches the value of life.

So, what indeed can one do to retain sanity and purpose in life?

1. Check whether a metro station is near you.

Yes, it will help the next generation in your family. This only helps the future, not the present. So, read on.

2. Leave early, get back late

Leave for office before 7:30 am (7:00 am if you are travelling from the South of Bangalore to Whitefield). Get back after 9:00 pm. Find options for entertainment and ways to not do only office work during office hours. Also. get a good lawyer in case – your spouse wants a divorce, your parents don’t recognize you and want to throw you out.

3. Use transport provided by your office

This will not cut-down the travel time, but will put the right context. Instead of taking 1 hr, now it will be 1 hr 30 min. Now go back to your old ways, you will thank me for this advice.

4. Use public transport

You will be so wonder struck about how much time you are capable of spending on the road. Same as (3), but make it 2 hrs to 2 hr 30 min now.

5. Learn meditation and apply it during commute

Do give us a call if you attain nirvana, you owe that to this advice.

6. Use the time for your hobbies

  • Count pot holes, count number of times the two-wheeler guy was about to get killed. Count until you can count the cards well, and then you can make some money gambling. You don’t need to work after that – either you are too broke or too rich to care
  • Read books (or ebooks). The specialists in eye care industry don’t need to travel as you do, they can stay wherever they want and the business/money comes to them
  • Bring a cycle inside the bus, and start cycling
  • Do fitness routines inside the bus – push-ups, pull-ups, and a few rounds of running. Just be careful about the driver getting annoyed and ramming the bus into the next poor chap on the road. That may further introduce delays

Or, you could do these which some people feel are practical:

1. Find out whether you can get to the nearest railway station faster. There are trains from Majestic to Whitefield for example. It is much better, provided you can get to the railway station in one piece, and sustain this without causing a bigger hole in the pocket

2. See whether remote work is possible, at least for a few days in a week if not all. This can also be compensated by additional hours on the rest of the week

3. Try shifting your accommodation. There are scores of transport experts who say that the cost advantage of staying far away and commuting to office does not exist today

You could also try shifting out of Bangalore. Not as in travel to Bangalore from Hosur (that is indeed time saving for folks in Electronic City), but work in Coimbatore, Hyderabad or in the US, if the bill to banish you does not get there first. If you miss chaos or have enough of your colleagues and family demands, you can always come back to spend your own quality time in commute.

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