Common Inner Peace.. - Peace is messed up

By now I am deeply suspicious of any book that is free on Kindle Unlimited.(yes, incl. Harry Potter series and my own developer-focused book). “Come on Inner Peace .. I don’t have all day” by Sachin Garg reinforced my belief. Spoilers ahead, and my prayers with you if you want to go ahead and read the book.


The story is straight from the old pictures that all of us.. er, love. The ones your grandfather used to watch and think about the “deeper things” about life even if they had been considered “risque”.

  • A man (our hero) catches his beloved with his best friend in a compromising position. (Only to be known that it was CPR after an asthmatic attack, but this has to wait).
  • Without any explanation, our hero leaves for Goa for a long hiatus (was it after, before or during college?) and ends up in a resort.
  • After working in menial jobs the tragic heroine visits him in the same resort and for some strange reason decide to die from asthma.
  • A few other friends guide the dejected hero to an ashram. The Guru makes all the pain go away.

If you are at “WTF was that”, hold on to the thought. “Come on..” is about to get way interesting.

  • Enter the second heroine. A girl of nineteen who ran away from a potential career in pharmacy to sell paintings & read/collect literature in Goa. She lives in a resort, and dates bald men.
  • Hero meets heroine #2, but is not convinced to trust anyone. #2 returns to lowly urban life
  • The ashram’s swami tells hero to go meet #2
  • He also instructs hero on the best peace-making secret of our lifetimes – “breathe in, breathe out”.

I am now more confused than the hero by this time, and we are through only ~25% of the book.

  • Enter heroine(?) #3 who helps the hero search for no. 2. This lady is another mess-up from another life. There are a lot of messed up creatures around
  • In the run-up to find no. 2, hero’s chemical engineering skills are used to make meth. #3 doubles up as a drug pusher
  • #3 has illness and her cough gets aggravated – has 20 days to live (what?). A donation site to help her does not gather much cash. But, why care if you can make meth
  • #3 and hero head back to Ashram. #3 cannot be saved by surgery
  • #2 meanwhile gets reinstated by dad and heads over to Ashram
  • All of the drama culminates in a PG13 scene of a fake marriage and passionate love

Ah, the harsh world of our times.

I finished the book and was left wondering why I even read it through (even 2-3 pages at a time).

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