Boost your presentation even without you being there

Presentation slides are one of the abused media to get the message across to an audience. Lately with the love for whitespace and in the zest to follow greater presenters, it has been the accepted norm to include more images, less text, and be descriptive verbally.

There are enough situations where you cannot just do a 10 slider with bold 20pt text and leave it at that. You want to convey information to the reader through the material, and you may not even be able to present at the venue.

The alternative form of sending out pages laid out in oodles of paragraphs is not an option for most situations. If you do, you can be sure that the audience will not read beyond the second page – unless you are sending out a treatise.

Enter the concept of slidedocs.

slidedocs mix of presentation and documents

Slidedocs combine the visual medium of the presentation and the descriptive power of written word to form a compelling document that is easy to read and digest. The concept itself is not new, but what it is a beautiful attempt at formalizing the entire process.

Slidedocs can help you in two ways:

  1. Convert a presentation that simply has bullet points and nothing else to a medium that is self-explanatory
  2. Convert a document that is full of information but is difficult to decipher

Just see an example of what happens when the principles are applied to a scientific paper on the sun.

slidedocs nasa paper before

slidedocs nasa paper after

Head over to to read through a comprehensive 150+ slide pack on slidedocs.

Slidedocs are primarily built to be read. They can work best for:

  1. Information that you need to convey without being able to physically present
  2. Send information before/after the presentation
  3. Supply detailed notes during presentation

Slidedoc convey a topical story rather than grouping under different sections as in a research paper. The topic should clearly articulate what it will convey by just looking at the title, and the content will support through images and text.

The recommendation is to keep the slide text around 100 words, with 250 being considered dense. Anything more is recommended to go into a document rather than a slidedoc.

Go through the entire slidedoc about slidedocs to discover what you could do with this powerful medium. It is a beautifully, lovingly created work that deals with everything right from choosing the fonts, colors, depth of information to be presented, type of images to be used, and so on.

Even if you don’t like the concept don’t forget to hop to slides 87-92 that present good ideas to reflect your diagram. These and thousands of other diagrams are available for free on

good presentation graphics

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