The case for optimists

Be an eternal optimist. If nothing else, it helps you live – and be happy.

Seriously, if you do not look forward to your future how will you see a point in going on living? If all you can see is a bleak and dreary future, why do you expect to be happy today?

I am not known to be the best of optimists amongst friends, but I believe the best way to live is being an optimist. Let me make the case for optimists, and why they inherit the world.

You look forward to your day.

By being an optimise you have better hopes for the day. You get up in the morning, look at the sun, think about how wonderful it can be that day, and carry that optimistic happiness through the day.

a case for optimist
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Yes, there are indeed disasters happening elsewhere, and probably in your own life that day. Somehow those disasters seem manageable.

The entire day seems to be waiting just to improve you further as a human being.

You look for solutions.

By being an optimist you tend to look at problems for what they are – they are just waiting for solutions. And, every problem does indeed have a solution.

You just need to think about the problem a bit, think about what is going to happen when the problem stays or get resolved, and think a bit more about the solution options. You will find that the solutions are easier to come by when you ignore the grand scale of the problem.

Don’t believe me? You should have read the following story..

A college student happened to be late to one of the professor’s classes. He notes down the problems on the board. It so happens that the problems are tougher than usual, but the student does indeed solve them late.

While returning the homework to the professor, the student apologises for being late and drops it at the desk full of other papers. About 6 weeks later the professor excitedly comes to the student and provides an introduction for the paper submitted by him earlier.

It turns out that the “homework” was two famous unsolved problems in statistics. The student was to become Dr. George Bernard Dantzig. He was a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in 1939 when this incident happened.

And, the story became an urban folklore. You might have heard different versions of the same story, and different implications and readings of the moral.

My version, which is pertinent to the issue here, is the benefits of being optimistic. You see the problem, measure it for what it is, and try to solve it. You don’t really worry about the problem itself, and pity yourself for encountering such a complex problem.

You have a positive impact on others.

It may be a rookie who has joined your team, or an experienced manager struggling at a problem. People feel more comfortable throwing you at a problem, when they see the positive vibes from you.

And, did I say that you are not afraid of the problems any more? I wasn’t kidding. One of the exciting (yes, that is the word) that can happen by being an optimist is that you get to solve more problems!

You feel your life to be of fuller purpose and you look forward to another day that gives you more opportunities. The cycle turns to a positive feedback loop that remains with you for free.


Impact Story – BIG problem

Let’s say you are given a problem to do something about world’s poverty.

What do you think?

  • The poor are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer
  • Poverty cannot be solved
  • The problem is all set to explode

This, and many many more such statements.

You ask any old person, and he/she is always going to talk about “their old, exciting times”. How the world was a much better place then, and how all things with the world has gone down south now.

Don’t believe them for a minute.

Don’t believe me for just saying that aloud. But do believe Bill Gates.

Bill Gates has been someone whom I deeply appreciate for giving this world – Microsoft. But, much better from Gates is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

optimise view of poverty problem and solution
src: GatesLetter

Head over to See how Gates demolishes the 3 myths most prevalent about stopping poverty. Gates (with numbers) argues just how much we have improved, and what more needs to be done.

These and many such stories address the optimist in you.

You just have to be an optimist. There is no alternative.


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