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If you are like me, you would be keeping an eye (or two) on the ongoing deals for games on Steam sales, Humble Bundle, and a host of other sites.

Steam, especially, does multiple repeats of “best, never-before deals” that can cause a couple of nervous breakdowns. Flash deals, seasonal sales and daily deals do not quite help you take the best decision when buying games on a budget. I have had multiple exciting weekends after getting a 2-year old game at a fantastic price point, only to realize that it was selling 20% lower in a past event. It gets quite confusing on on what game was on sale, whether it had a previous price drop, and whether you can expect it to drop further in the near future.

Few sites like Steam Game Sales, browser plugins like Enhanced Steam, and even mobile apps from Steam help you stay on the top. But an occasional help from technology to refresh the weak human mind is most certainly welcome.

Also, though Steam may be the best place to buy games *most* of the time it does get tricky when you are looking at bundles, DLCs and interested in a few indie games. You would certainly want to make a smart buy, but don’t want to get bogged down by the purchasing decision itself 🙂

A simple solution to this problem – Is there any deal.

game deals on

This not-so-well-designed website is a treasure tove of game sales. It offers –

  • a run down of current sales from multiple sources
  • the price points today compared to past prices of the games
  • bundles that contain the game in question (yes, bundle prices get lower prices sometimes)
  • links for more information (and pointer to metacritic reviews, how helpful is that!)

find whether current game deals offer the lowest prices

Design and UX are next to nothing when the website is offering aggregation of so many good deals in one place.

I found this website especially useful while comparing the earlier offers (should I buy this game at this price today?), and to decide between the stand-alone game vs. the DLC+extended edition packs (should I “invest” thousand more hours on this game?).

If that’s not useful, what is?

Cool Discounts on Games [India]

If you had been itching to get some good deals in India and you don’t have lot of hopes on Thanksgiving sales, you are at the right place.

Snapdeal has some great offers with deeply discounted games.

cheap game with discounts

Contrary to earlier so called “discounts on latest games”, this has some pretty interesting titles under Rs. 500.

Enjoy fighting and hunting humans and other animals in Assassins Creed, snatch cars and kill people while fighting your way through the city in GTA, or just follow your old fashioned combat with a twist in Counter Strike. Yes, they are not the latest and greatest – but hey, their entertainment value is still the same!

All you need is some cash, a good graphics card, and you are all set. Your real life is never the same as before.

Buy great PC games at fraction of a price (75%+ discounts!)

Games for humans do not end when they grow up. They only become more sinister and potentially harmful. However, if you are like me, you will probably look back and periodically reflect on the need to spend sometime playing. Although outdoor games are fun, try to tell that to someone who can defeat larger armies, grow and administer cities or lead your team into battle. I rest my case.

So, provided you have the time to play and try to look around for some action, you will find more than what you can possibly handle. Games nowadays outgrow themselves very quickly, and you do not really need the latest and greatest to stay entertained. Pick up a slightly older copy and you will back-pat yourself for having saved more than a few dollars and still remain informed of what is going on in Ultima, or in Battlefield 3 or 4. With that in mind, look at two great options on Amazon that are sure to raise some interest, increase your weight with all the sitting around, and get enemies from near and dear since you do not spend any more time with them.

1. Buy great PC games through physical media

The selection of games is not exhaustive, but works great. Notice Warhammer, HomeFront, Max Payne 3 and Duke Nukem? We are talking about some serious time here. Do not commit if you are starting a new relationship, or want to excel in some new technology or craft. This easily takes hours and be ready to face your colleagues/friends who complain that you don’t pay attention anymore. Most of these are discounted upwards 75% and a few of them are under $5! While some of these games are shipped internationally, you would have to opt for drop-shipping if there is no such option.


2. Buy digital games

For a limited time, Amazon has some crazy deals on the digital version of the games. Downloadable through Steam, this will mean that you are going to have to wait for days or even weeks for the download to complete (at least here in India, with the not-so-crazy internet speeds).

Read prices below to get the context on just how much savings you are looking at:

  • 17 Games of Command and Conquer at $4.99
  • Civilization V Complete Pack at $19.99
  • Batman Arkham City at $7.99
  • Borderlands 2 and Borderlands GOTY at $11.99

There are more games than I can cover in this one post, so take a look. Be wary before you get your hopes too high though – this may not work if you have a non-US address.


[Expired. Check out new deals on games.]


Find Good Deals in India: shopclues

ShopCluesShopClues started in 2011, when things were not particularly looking up. But the influence of ShopClues in the Indian online market place has been deep and broad. Founded in the USA, but headquartered in India, ShopClues has come a long way in the two years it has been operational. ShopClues is the first internet shop providing a managed market place platform for India. That implies that ShopClues itself provides the platform, and make sure the trust is established (ala while not selling anything by itself. ShopClues does not maintain any inventory, but establishes the communication and makes sure transactions between buyers and sellers are smooth.

When I came across ShopClues at its beginning, the deals were moderate to good, a few excellent. I was mildly surprised by a new entrant who was successful in establishing trust so quickly in the chaotic marketplace. This translated into a more than a few buys, and I have been generally satisfied with the product/pricing and the service.




The things I especially found interesting were:

  • Cracker Deal: A chosen product finds a low rate for a specified time. This brings urgency to the sale, and was typically considered a really good price
  • Offers: ShopClues runs typically runs 3-4 promotions at any given point in time, not all of them considered good
  • Clearance: As with any large market, clearance sale consists of old or out-of-season items that have to leave the shelf quicker. Again, not really brilliant. You can spend a lot of hours on the site, find big discounts (e.g. 86% discount, 75% discount etc) only to be proven wrong by the prices elsewhere
  • And, then you have the Sunday flea market typically held on (surprise) Sundays!

ShopClues Sunday Flee Market

ShopClues have their own loyalty program based on ClueBucks. Items on the market typically carry the ClueBucks earning as well. You can accumulate ClueBucks and redeem them against an equivalent cash discounts on your newer purchases. Using ClueBucks obtained from higher value purchases (e.g. mobile phone) I have been able to get mobile scratch guard, and such lower value items for free. Typically it is more satisfying to get cash discounts here and now, rather than wait for loyalty points with an ability to choose crappy products elsewhere.


Now, all these deals and the race to bottom started well, and I am sure ShopClues means well. For e.g. who finds a Rs. 140 Axe deodrant for Rs. 49 + Rs. 34 for shipping? But this is kind of started going downhill thereon. There were rants on the internet (trust at your own risk) about how old items nearing expiry dates, and dubious looking items were shipped to buyers from the Sunday flea market, and from suspiciously low-priced deals. That followed the old adage – if it is too good to be true, then probably it isn’t. I suspect at least some these were not looked into and addressed by ShopClues in a timely manner, hence there is not much respect today about the prices of the lower-valued items. Buy them at your own risk. If possible, stay away from deodrants, perfumes, computer cleaning kits, connecting cables, shampoos – even if they carry the sticker of a respected brand.

ShopClues continues to shine in odd deals. Keep a look out for electronics, mobile phones, and such, and you are in good hands. Support has been responsive for me, and I will look forward for them to get out of the muck created by the low-priced deals.


50% discount on select books on Flipkart

This season is turning out to be a book-reader’s paradise. First it was and Kindle books prompting a few posts earlier on this forum, and during the last week there were fantastic deals on books for young adults. Now it is turn of Flipkart to do more and enhance readers.

There are some interesting books being offered at 50% discount on Flipkart.

interesting books being offered at 50% discount


My top 3 recommendations:

1. Malgudi Days

malgudi days discounted bookIf you do not have this book, you should buy it now. Malgudi Days and related works by R.K.Narayan surpasses all expectations out of a typical Indian story, and that in a really simple language. You will be surprised at how many things you can relate yourself with even if you did not grow up in a village or had the same adventure spirit as Swamy or even the English Teacher.

Malgudi Days is my favourite of the comparatively few books written by the author. This is partly because of the excellent television serial made by the late Shankar Nag (the music still rings in my ears, and I can still vividly recall the dialogs), but more because of the topics covered in one book. The humour that sets in various situations including that of happiness or stupidity of childhood, the way situation moulds a man and the way some stories overlap with each other provides some interesting reading. Along with Swamy and his escapades, there are about 30+ other short stories. Not really a long book, but a thoroughly enjoyable one at that.

Get 50% off on the Rs. 130 for Malgudi Days (but add Rs. 40 for delivery charges).


2. The Intelligent Investor

Get 50% off on Rs. 599 for The Intelligent InvestorThis book was kind of a surprise for me. Though I have never really taken investments (especially the ones in stock) too seriously, here at last there was some potential to learn the basics right. Not only does this book outline the topics well, but the “how” of investing is really well explained. For me, who was struggling with fundamental vs. technical analyses, mixing up investment and insurance, and with a marked tendency towards mutual funds, this indeed helped in making certain informed decisions (or so I believe). I was a convert after this book since my rather strong views were that Indian market reacts more to the sentiment and does differ widely from elsewhere. I took away a few good ideas from here, but am yet to grow rich by applying them Smile.

Get 50% off on Rs. 599 for The Intelligent Investor, with free home delivery.



3. The Discovery of India

50% discount for The Discovery of India

This was one of the few surprises when I started more serious reading about a decade and a half back. On one hand I did not look forward to visit the history of India (after all we were learning a lot of history at school, enough to last more than a life time). On the other I was deeply sceptical about learning history as told by a politician. The book I brought from the library was more an experiment on whether I could take not so exciting books and read it for the sake of it. But, imagine by surprise when I was caught up by the frenzy of all the history, struggles, wars, religions and more that made today’s India. I caught myself going back and forth to keep track when required, learnt a lot more than history books in a concise but beautifully outlined manner, and also changed my perception of Nehru. My earlier view of failed socialist turned into appreciation for what he could do with whatever advice, and resources he had – all because of his love of the nation that gets expressed in these pages.

Again, 50% off on the market price of Rs. 599 and free delivery.



If you take my advice too seriously and read all of the above books (read them from anywhere, buying is not that important!), you will certainly need a break. What better way to celebrate a break than going back to often heard stories, with easy-on-eye pictures? That is the full volume of Mahabharatha by Amar Chitra Katha.

Buy it at 50% off at Rs. 1000, or ‘combo’ it with Ramayana for Rs. 146 more.

Mahabharatha and Ramayana from Amar Chitra Katha at 50% discount


[Expired. Check out other book deals.]

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