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My Game Theory

gaming - do or quit philosophy

tldr; there is no gaming philosophy. Either you see it, or you quit and do something better.

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Oppression and Conflict

I chanced upon an older Israeli – Palestinian conflict documentary focused on one of the incidents in 2014. It was more than interesting for me to watch the different side of the conflict and how humans see and react to the situation. (btw Vice is not the absolute neutral observer, but you must watch their splendid reporting and compare notes …

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Sky is not the limit

Life is difficult. Well, that’s how we perceive a lot of what we see around us. Now, consider an endeavor where – high investments and high risks are involved you reach the pinnacle of technology and human achievement (in the physical world). This is hard to attain, considered advanced weaponry and may lead to whole nations dominating others tight controls …

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I will amuse you with a sob story..

When my secret friend** James Altucher writes (hell, why not?), the emotional connect to the audience (or anchor as he puts it) will be on how he was a failure, and how he put those days behind him. I know he has much more valuable that he has to say, and he does indeed. But I get fixated by the background …

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Do this One Task to Get Stuff Done Now

All my life I have waited for the next day to become get things done and to be more productive. I will avoid browsing YouTube from tomorrow I am not going to play games from next weekend (this I actually implemented, yay!) I will save time by learning typing from tomorrow and, so on.. The problem, as you may have …

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Will you wait to become commoditized or automated?

The whole physical realm of humanity goes through iterative cycles. We improve, we make mistakes, we learn and we go forward. The improvement is proven and makes absolute sense when viewing our limited existence as a collective whole. I have not gone back to hunting gathering days, and neither have my close friends and family. I do not have physical existential challenges …

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I am

I am is not a thought, it just is.   It is but a thought that makes me recognize the similarities among what Mooji says here, what JK says (equally kindly I might add), and what UG says in a “i couldn’t care less” manner. It is good to see so many things that “I” sort of identify myself with …

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When will you live the present?

past present future

  After a long time,  I read something that I wanted to read again.. .. and again. .. and so the story goes. The words did hit me that hard. The paragraph is simple enough – You believe that creating your best possible life is a matter of deciding what you want and then going after it, but in reality, …

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Are you being sad while pursuing happiness?

problem of pursuing happiness

Are you happy? Immediately upon reading this question, you will be thrown into a turmoil. You start pondering about recent happenings, and whether there is any cause for happiness You think about all the past events – either it may be your success in education or job, marriage, birth or something that delighted you You even think about your current goals …

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Accept Yourself to Find Peace

dont regret past

I came across this recent post on Reddit, where a 46 year old person called John confesses where he went wrong in life. In summary, he feels that he threw away the beautiful life clinging to the safety of a 9-5 job. The merits and mistakes of a job are safely dealt with later, but what matters here is the …

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