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Are you stuck on repeat?

People tend to live in the past or in the future most of the times. It happens thus – You start thinking a glorious time in the past where you had a good time. You think about all the friends and near ones who were with you and your experience in the situation You would want to plan that for sometime in …

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What PK teaches you about embracing change?

pk is good for you

PK is causing quite a sensation. There are daily/hourly calls from all and sundry from the religious right to boycott the movie. There are acts of vandalism in the movie halls, and a general sense of “something is wrong with the movie because the leaders are saying so”. I saw PK last weekend, and was not quite impressed. Yes, it …

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I don’t have enough time!

lack of time to learn something new and tips to find time for something interesting

What is your most favourite answer for any new task that you probably are not doing day in and day out? Yes, that’s the title of this post – “I don’t have enough time”. So where is this mythical time crunch is coming from? Let’s look at a few scenarios. Lack of time scenarios Her: How about learning this new …

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Start meditating today – all it takes is simple breathing review easy ways to start meditation

I have written about easy ways to start meditation before. But, of course we cannot live with one or two sites/apps for such a good idea. is one of those websites. Meditation is one of the good ways to look inwards and find peace, contentment and ability to actively live life. The benefits are multi fold, and have been …

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Only you are holding yourself back


What are you? What are you made of? What are you capable of doing, and not doing? Think. Sit back and think about those questions again. “You” are only the perception of what you have made out to be. At a meta physical level, there is no “you” if you think it does not exist. So, what should be the …

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Headspace: Start your meditation

headspace start meditating today

I am a great fan of meditation. But, unfortunately I do little on a daily basis to “bring myself back on track”. The problem (if you can call it that) is multi-fold – I have probably seen many ways to meditate, and do not follow any of them Too much information is harmful since I meditate on which method to …

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5 things holding you back from your real destiny

Well, since you are reading the article anyway, let me clarify one thing first – there is NO destiny. There is no destiny within the ambit of the larger destiny that the universe has for you. Confused? Yes, that was my objective. I think and act like a mystique, and it helps to keep you confused. Let’s now jump to …

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How do you relate to the universe?

It has been one of my fascinating thoughts to imagine myself as part of the universe, or as the universe itself. The thinking that “Everyone and everything is pure conciousness” had (and still has) its appeal. Even with that thinking in the background, I could not easily comprehend the simple fact outlined by the graphic below. The facts are simple enough. Neurons …

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What’s your excuse today?

no excuse

You set goals in life. You slice those goals to keep it achievable in humanly trackable times. You stay motivated to achieve the goals, and you continuously adapt to changes while meeting those goals. And then, you something fail to meet those goals. It happens to me a lot of times. I have a long way in getting that burning …

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Get wealthy through self-improvement

Self improvement can be started in many ways, and have many objectives. For a moment let us focus on the materialist (or what some call “real”) universe. The biggest demand in this part of universe is – “money”. However abstract that money is, and can be – you can safely say you need at least some to live life. Self …

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