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Follow 3 tips to lead a happy life

Happiness means different things for different people. Even for the same person it will be different at different points in time. There is also this thing called change. Any accomplishment, however hard-earned, will not lead to absolute happiness for ever. You set your goals and priorities to something more, and move the goal post for happiness. Happiness means different things …

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6 Tips to be Super Motivated


I know, I know – I am falling into that trap of quantifying anything and everything related to self improvement, self motivation or personality development.But, lately I have seen so many “top X ways to do Y” that I could not resist. More over, I see that people love to put a quantity to something that is not quite physical …

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The case for optimists


Be an eternal optimist. If nothing else, it helps you live – and be happy. Seriously, if you do not look forward to your future how will you see a point in going on living? If all you can see is a bleak and dreary future, why do you expect to be happy today? I am not known to be …

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Quantum meditation to attract wealth


I am a believer in the power of Yoga. I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully, to incorporate the yogic principles and methods in daily life. But, I consider myself to be aware of a few yoga practices that helps the body, mind and soul. So, imagine my surprise when I found out something called quantum yoga. And, even more surprise …

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Get out from your own hell

You create your own hell. Self-improvement is the key to unlock the door, and get out. Get out from your own hell. Don’t get accustomed to it, don’t for a moment believe that the hell is life. You can do far better – take my word for it. You create your hell. The world around you helps. Any hell, any …

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Guaranteed self improvement for free


All of us can grow. I do not mean financial growth alone – it may be philosophical, career, or anything that you think can make a better human out of you. No matter which stage you are (assuming you have not reached Nirvana yet), you can find an opportunity to change for the better. Make  life more fulfilling, exciting and …

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Love your work, be the change

It’s quite an old fact that you succeed at a piece of work, no matter what it is, by first loving to do it. It holds true today, and it will be that way for the foreseeable future. The work or task can be anything – clean out the attic, rebuild a house, learn a new skill at work, or even …

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10 meditation tips to calm yourself


Meditation is not prayer. Meditation is the art and practice of calming one’s mind. The basic premise of meditation is to calm yourself – in mind and body, build positive internal forces, and develop compassion towards everyone and everything. Meditative practices are simple really. All you need to do is turn inward, forget the past, stop worrying about the future, …

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What to do when you encounter a life block?

I define a “life block” as a perceived block that threatens as the as-is condition. You encounter a situation in life where you just feel uninspired, unmotivated and un-everything. Your grades are going down the drain, your career seems to be going nowhere, you seem to have encountered a plateau which is not to your liking. What do you do? …

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Get selfish, live for yourself

We often see people around us who live for someone else. “My son is still studying, I have to support him through his early phases.” “I have to be alive since my wife loves me dearly.” I am not contradicting the love or affection behind these statements, but I am challenging the intent. Self sacrifice for the greater good, or …

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