Stop thinking about money by reading this book

i love money book review

My ‘Kindle Unlimited‘ subscription gives me access to some really good books, and then some excellent books. Since I don’t really have to pay money for the individual books, I get an opportunity to cause indigestion by selecting too many books to read and attempting to understand the world better. It was with this sincerity I approached the book ‘I …

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We want free Credit Scores [India]

cibil credit score free

In India we can get Credit Scores/Credit Reports from CIBIL. What started as a surprise in 2009-10, has now become the norm for issuance of loans, credit cards and the like. Credit score is important to get any kind of financial assistance from reputed institutions today.   About Credit Score issued by CIBIL Credit score are issued by CIBIL, the Credit Bureau …

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Save money weekly, see it add up [challenge]

52 week challenge Google spreadsheet

This is an age of instant gratification. If you are into saving money, you are much better off seeing those savings add up – even if it means smaller increments. Regardless of the age we are in, humans always plan and work better in smaller chunks. How about applying the smart principles to save money for yourself. Well, smart people have …

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Find Good Deals in India: shopclues

ShopClues started in 2011, when things were not particularly looking up. But the influence of ShopClues in the Indian online market place has been deep and broad. Founded in the USA, but headquartered in India, ShopClues has come a long way in the two years it has been operational. ShopClues is the first internet shop providing a managed market place …

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Compare insurance plans for better deals in India

Comparing insurance plans in India has not taken off very well so far. But can save good amount of money if you are willing to do some reading up before you buy any insurance plan. In theory there should not be a lot of difference between the insurance plans providing same kind of benefits. All insurance companies abide by the …

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What is Airtel Money and why should you use it?

Airtel Money is virtual money that acts like a prepaid card. You fill it, and you get to spend it in a awefully limited number of merchants. So, why bother? Let’s see a few good reasons that are true today. While the sales are low, there are bound to be better offers. Rightnow Magazine had been offering various freebies for …

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Find good deals in India –

Finding deals in India was a big deal. First, there was all the physical work involved. I have done this multiple times, and sometimes continue doing this even today. Visit a store, know the price Visit another 5 stores in the neighbourhood. Haggle with everyone for a good proce Now, settle for one of the shops you like. Haggle some …

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Save money on books (again)

See the first part of this article to check on how libraries help you. But I do understand libraries are not for everyone – for starters, you may not want to feel the pressure of committing to read something in a finite time. For others, it is just filling up the books till you can actually feel the knowledge transferring …

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Save money on books

Reading books is a fantastic habbit, and a topic worth its own book. But, we are not here to discuss that. Reading books (especially the new ones) will cost you money – a lot of money if you live in countries like mine (Though the situation is improving with the differential pricing). So, how do you keep your hobby alive …

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[Bangalore] How to Buy Car Batteries for Cheap?

I have had rather good and bad experiences with my car, but more of latter. The number of people who take things for granted and quote exorbitant prices are simply too so many that I doubt whether hyper-local really works in India to provide a cost advantage, greater trust and good quality.Now, back to the core question.. The first step …

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