Being a freak can be a good thing

think like a freak book

Who knew that ‘freak’ – a common term with negative connotations, can turn out to be more than what it seems on face value. At least that’s what the authors of Freakonomics and Super-freakonomics will have you believe. What else would you expect from them when ‘brand freak’ is at stake here. Or, could it be really true? Is being a …

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Learn productivity from productive people

save time by becoming jumper

Are you one of those who look at Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson and scores of others and wonder – how the heck can they manage to cram so many things in so little time? Do you ever contemplate if – They time travel. While you and I have a slow trip to …

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3 ways to browse responsibly

improve productivity on computer

Internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. You can get access to invaluable information at the click of a button, connect with smart people around the world, and be the harbinger of change. You can also choose to while away your time, get entertained, have a laugh or two, and check the status of your 121 friends for the …

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Prioritize your priorities

keep calm and always prioritize

Human mind is an amazing thing. You can think up so much in so little a time that thinking itself can become your favourite hobby. If at all you come out of that and focus on doing your tasks – you do the best thing possible for any action-oriented person. You try to do everything in one go. Take my …

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What is life without email?

email productivity tasks

For many of the folks out there, there is no life without emails. I remember when there was one of the senior management “gyan” sessions when TCS went public. One of the questions was “how does your typical day look like”. The intent was to tell the ranks what their senior people do, how do they work, and what they …

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Greatest Productivity Booster – Pain?

pavlok productivity booster

There are a million productivity boosters out there, and a gazillion books that tell you the ultimate secret to improve your productive life (including this blog. See, I am sneaky). The end affect – zero, nada, zilch. You end up with the same “I know everything that there is about productivity improvement”, “I am a bit more productive than where …

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Boost your productivity by postponing web reads

Internet is good, and bad at the same time. There is so much to read for any topic of interest that you will hardly notice team while doing it. Although good for knowledge acquisition, that is bad for productivity. You take up any work, search for some related solutions that lead to other topics, and suddenly 6 hours will be …

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Price of Presenteeism

Absenteeism costs the company. You don’t turn up at work – you deprive your company of a few bucks that day. Did you also know that you can also cause loss to the company by being present? I am not talking about the managers, executives and no-gooders who are part of any office. I am talking about people who being …

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3 wonderful free programs to take notes

Note taking is not really new. It has existed for as far as mankind existed, but the poor sods earlier relied on stone tablets, cave walls and other such platforms. As we progressed in technology we have now graduated to written content on paper, and on phones, desktops and tablets of a different kind. The principle however, remains the same. …

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Find out times in all time zones while booking meetings

When you have meetings attendees across time zones, you know how difficult is to adjust time. You can take a safe bet that something will go wrong when there are more than two time zones in the play. One of the ways you try to get time in different time zones while you are speaking to people is to use …

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