Boost your presentation even without you being there

Presentation slides are one of the abused media to get the message across to an audience. Lately with the love for whitespace and in the zest to follow greater presenters, it has been the accepted norm to include more images, less text, and be descriptive verbally. There are enough situations where you cannot just do a 10 slider with bold …

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30 ways to improve your brain power

improve brain power

Who doesn’t want more power? And, who doesn’t want power to gain more power? I don’t see enough hands being raised. I safely assume humans love one word when it comes to power – “more”. But, we are not here to talk about power over other humans, but power over yourself. Power over the most important part that gives us …

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Dayboard: Simple productive task tracker for Chrome

Dayboard simple productivity improvement

I have mentioned about Limitless previously. It is a nifty little extension to keep an eye on your productivity on the internet. What do you do if you are distracted at the source, and not paying heed to all the glorious tasks you had in mind? You simplify. You try to split your life goal into manageable chunks. You focus. …

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Prioritize tasks in the right way. Caution: Outlook ahead


On a daily basis you are subjected to an onslaught of tasks and activities. It is also typical that you have an intense hour for those activities to come in. No matter how hard you try, it is only natural that your tasks will spill over through the entire day, the next day, or even through the weeks ahead. You can …

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Bite-size your to-do list

bite-size your to-do list

To-do lists are important in your life. Whether it is measuring yourself against your self-improvement goals, imbibing a good habit, or to stay motivated in your life, goals help you stay focused. We have previously seen how easy it is to maintain To Do lists. All it takes is a few pieces of paper to write down stuff that you …

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Limitless, Improve your productivity on the internet

If you spend anywhere beyond 30 min browsing, checking emails or checking your social media accounts, then you know how difficult is it to keep your focus straight and get things done. Internet is a big, big helper to gain knowledge and learn new things. Internet is also a big distraction while you are trying to learn something new. It …

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Do not break the chain, and cultivate that elusive good habit

New year season is full of resolutions, but unfortunately there ends the good part. New year resolutions are the butt of jokes for a reason – most people have the good intent but find it hard to put that in practice. At the beginning of the year you give it your best shot – write down the resolutions, draw up …

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Monitor your productivity

Working long hours is not fun for everyone. But all of us, sooner or later, end up doing that. Either it may be a deadline that is *really* important, or it may be someone who will die without you coding away in the office – this is an eventuality for any working professional. The only exceptions being that you work …

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Productivity is increasing, what to do with all the extra humans?

Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) in the U.K has recently published that worker productivity has grown by 84 percent since 1970s, while productivity in information communication technology has grown by 480 percent. Cebr also believes that the productivity is slated to go up by 20% by 2020. Read a report of that here. All fantastic statistics I say, …

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Kids figure out education by themselves

A well-outlined story at Wired talks about how groups of kids figure out things by themselves and get educated rather well. Buried under the story is the rather well-accepted fact that humans have a willingness to learn from surroundings, and will do that rather well when left to themselves. Systems everywhere are really effective in ‘teaching’ stuff. This teaching starts …

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