Free Learning Resources for Kids

This is not a typical post. These are challenging times that we live in – Coronavirus adds yet another serious topic for humans to worry on their collective state. One of the many impacts of the disease is the closure of schools.

While I had been working from home for over an year now, it is a more humbling experience to have constant background noise added to the excitement of a small business.

So it happened that I had been searching high and low for learning resources for my nine-year old’s and found more than I could handle. Of course, like any good hoarder, I collect all links and arrange them in a long to-do list that my kids may never complete.

Find below the resources/links that I liked – for one weird reason or the other.

Note that –

  • These are hand-picked resources from many many lists. I do not provide any guarantees on their quality though
  • More than few are trial versions that are free till the end of April / July / rest of the year

Here’s a direct shareable link to the resources. You can copy over the document, create your own Gist and share it to accumulate more karma points to your life.

Become a millionaire by selling idli/dosa

The Hindu had an inspiring story today about iD, the company.

“iD Fresh” supplies idli/dosa batter to multiple localities in Bengaluru, and more than a couple of cities in India.

What started as a small establishment eight years back, employs more than 650 people, has 70 crore plus turnover, attracts investments from VCs and is looking at expanding in more than a dozen cities in the Middle East. As in many great stories iD has humble beginnings.

All that started in a small shop at Thippasandra is a small neighbourhood shop. Musthafa, the CEO of the company, then went on to set up a 600 ft.² kitchen as he scaled to the increased demand for ready to cook products.

idli dosa

As of date the company functions in multiple areas, and has expanded into new products as well. The sales teams work like “mini entrepreneurs” by themselves, and that probably has contributed quite a bit to the successful model.

All this has transpired in the last eight years. It Makes it one of the inspiring stories I read in recent times.

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