Dayboard: Simple productive task tracker for Chrome

I have mentioned about Limitless previously. It is a nifty little extension to keep an eye on your productivity on the internet. What do you do if you are distracted at the source, and not paying heed to all the glorious tasks you had in mind?

You simplify. You try to split your life goal into manageable chunks.

You focus.

You bring more clarity to your own life.

And, all that needs to start in small steps with the tasks you have at hand. What better way to manage those tasks other than putting them where you are most likely to see them for at least 996 times a day?

Yes, I am talking about the new tab in Chrome. And, Dayboard is just the app you need.

There are a bunch of apps that claim to make you more productive than anyone dead or alive. Dayboard is different in its minimalist approach.

All you have to do is to get the top 5 tasks for the day out there. You see them right there, while you are on a brave journey on the internet.

Dayboard simple productivity improvement

Dayboard is new and looks to be under development. All you can do now is to add your top 5 tasks for the day, and get them to show whenever you open a new tab in Chrome.

By using Dayboard, you will know..

  • What you need to do next?
  • You can easily check whether the current task can really help in accomplishing a goal you have set for yourself
  • You perfectly know where you are at any point in the day

What you won’t know by using Dayboard –

  • How will the tasks add up to get you to nirvana?
  • Why did chicken cross the road?

In future, what I would really like to see is the ‘History’. This will feed my ego of addressing the tasks of the day, and feeling happy about doing a stupid accomplishment of the past.


Read what the author has to say here.

Download Dayboard, it’s free.

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