Seriously. How did you get here after following my instructions?

The title clearly says “don’t click”, doesn’t it?

The technology geeks would now probably be thinking about a number of weird ways to get here – use tab and enter keys after navigating to the website from the address bar, follow the damn feed, or just use voice control.

But for majority of us the feeling is just that – weird. The point and click interface is so embedded within our brains, that I cannot resist clicking at anything thrown at me to save my life.

A case in point is this website –

new way to navigate in websites

All navigation elements on the website are driven by gesture controls. It feels fresh, but absolutely ridiculous to be presented something and expect us not to click that.

But, when you keep your click-love aside, it feels just natural.

You hover over buttons to perform an action, and you hover over links since you indeed want to go somewhere. There is no need to explicitly perform the action once more just to reassure yourself and your computer.

Of course everything is an experiment in there. There are a lot of places where you will click needlessly and can record your grave error as intentional or by accident (yes, accidents do happen).

You can see the stats at the end of your playing around.

move away from click commands

You will see that most people do indeed the changed world better. We need a click-free future generation that will laugh and amaze over how people kept crazily clicking on things, and still survive the harsh world.

But then, why don’t we change today?