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Finding deals in India was a big deal. First, there was all the physical work involved. I have done this multiple times, and sometimes continue doing this even today.

  • Visit a store, know the price
  • Visit another 5 stores in the neighbourhood. Haggle with everyone for a good proce
  • Now, settle for one of the shops you like. Haggle some more
  • Get the product you wanted to buy so much, at the right cost

All this and more have changed drastically over the past 2-3 years with the advent of numerous internet stores that enable you to ‘point and click’ the product that you like, and the next thing you know – you get it delivered at your doorstep. Well, it is always not that easy, but you get the picture. Where there are internet sites, there ofcourse is eBay. is a website that enabled online auctions back in 1995 and quickly transitioned to ‘Buy it now’ or getting a product without going through the auction process. eBay came to India in 2005 as, and the rest is history.

But enough of all that, what you would want to know about eBay today:

  • eBay has one of the best prices for a lot of categories. I have typically found better deals in mobile phones and electronics.
  • eBay coupons are good, the discounts sometimes are excellent. Subscribe to the newsletter and make sure you keep an eye open for the coupons. These get you discounts anywhere between 5 to 10% on various categories of products. eBay also gives out coupons in Adsense ads – a more recent one was Rs. 150 off a min. purchase of Rs. 200 (i.e. you can get an item that costs Rs. 200 at Rs. 150)
  • eBay also has special deals that run for limited time. These are also part of the newsletters that arrive in your inbox. There is a potential to get bigger discounts for specific products, the categories of course are focused more on electronics
  • Auctions are always present, but I have not really seen a lot of good things happen in this space in the Indian site

Best of all is the eBay guarantee. I have personally been through 2 cases where high value (which for me is > 5000) items were not the same as what was promised. All I needed to do was to open a case with them, and they followed up with me later on, followed up with the supplier and refunded the money within 7-9 days. Having this trust really helps, especially since there are more than a few instances when products are available at much lesser prices in eBay.

What is your experience of eBay? Do you agree that it is worth buying through eBay?

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