Find out times in all time zones while booking meetings

When you have meetings attendees across time zones, you know how difficult is to adjust time. You can take a safe bet that something will go wrong when there are more than two time zones in the play.

One of the ways you try to get time in different time zones while you are speaking to people is to use some time zone conversion app from the web. But, the time zone websites are focused on ads rather than providing useful information with the least clicks.

The solution is simple if you have two time zones to consider. First take a look at what we can do in Outlook.


Know time zones while creating meeting requests in Outlook

You can do this in Outlook at the time of booking the meeting is by using multiple time zones in the calendar. Enable two time zones by following these simple steps –

  1. Right click on Outlook Calendar. Select “Change Time Zone”

  1. In the resultant Outlook options box, check the option to show a second timezone. Name the time zone and set it to the right zone.

After you click “OK”, your Outlook calendar will start showing two time zones as per your selection.

Of course this will not take away the fact that you will still have an issue with the third time zone onwards.


Going beyond Outlook

If you are in the group of fortunate souls who don’t use Outlook, you can do the exact same activity to add a secondary time zone in Gmail  as well.

You can also go beyond the mail clients. Although the first page of Google is rubbished with websites that are stuck in the 70s navigation, one website stands out. If you have more than a few time zones to synchronize, head over to World Time Buddy.

One of the advantages I found was to create a bookmark with all the custom time zones saved. There after you can simply access the bookmark to show only the time zones you want to see.

For example:,30,2643743,21&h=8. You can add assorted time zones, and share the link with lesser mortals who need to stay up at 2:00 am for the next big meeting.

Know of any other good solutions for finding out appropriate meeting time across time zones? Comment!

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