Free Learning Resources for Kids

This is not a typical post. These are challenging times that we live in – Coronavirus adds yet another serious topic for humans to worry on their collective state. One of the many impacts of the disease is the closure of schools.

While I had been working from home for over an year now, it is a more humbling experience to have constant background noise added to the excitement of a small business.

So it happened that I had been searching high and low for learning resources for my nine-year old’s and found more than I could handle. Of course, like any good hoarder, I collect all links and arrange them in a long to-do list that my kids may never complete.

Find below the resources/links that I liked – for one weird reason or the other.

Note that –

  • These are hand-picked resources from many many lists. I do not provide any guarantees on their quality though
  • More than few are trial versions that are free till the end of April / July / rest of the year

Here’s a direct shareable link to the resources. You can copy over the document, create your own Gist and share it to accumulate more karma points to your life.