Get wealthy through self-improvement

Self improvement can be started in many ways, and have many objectives. For a moment let us focus on the materialist (or what some call “real”) universe. The biggest demand in this part of universe is – “money”. However abstract that money is, and can be – you can safely say you need at least some to live life.

Self improvement may not take money, but can surely get you some. Getting more money and creating wealth for yourself (or for whoever you wish to) is not just a matter of working hard, making cold calculations and doing ruthless business deals. Very few people realise that the path to making money is lot to do with themselves.

For whatever the reason if you are not comfortable with your financial position today – get up NOW! Take action. Improve yourself, be more structured with your goals, and create wealth.

Here are a few ways in which you can channel your improvements for earning better money. Get wealthy through self-improvement.

Plan, plan and plan.

Plan what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Have qualified and quantified goals.

Examples of a good goal:

Earn $1k per month with an effort of not more than $ 1/hour.

Take a vacation for 1 year and travel the world by 2020.

Without goals, you never know what to work towards, and how near you are to achieving them. And, without that you will find it difficult to focus, motivate yourself, and do what it takes today for a better tomorrow.

Once you decide the goals, set the timeline for your goals.

goals and timeline go together


Next, set your action plan for how to achieve those goals within the timeline you have.

Research on what worked for other people, what is applicable for you and your situation, your current skills and what is needed in the immediate and long term future. Write down simple bullet lists on what needs to be done against timeline.

If your goal point is in the next five years, plan for a time frame of 6 month each at most. For goals that require far lesser time, split the time frames nicely to provide measurable output.

Execute by focusing like a maniac

You see thousands of people out there, and yourself. One thing that is common is the will to NOT perform anything that is planned. Get away from that person.

Get your priorities correct. You have a goal, you have timeline. Find motivation in the smaller steps. See what is working, what’s not, and course-correct continuously. Remember, change is your friend

Don’t forget that time slips by pretty fast when you are not aware of it. Time is of essence in this world. You can spend time by “liking” posts on Facebook, or write a statement on what helped you today to work towards the goal.

Be a miser in spending time on activities that do not help. Don’t kill yourself in trying to achieve the goal, but come very near to it. Be a maniac – you should see goals everywhere. And, you should know at any time where you are in the course of achieving them.

Measure and measure some more.

Remember that I talked about the timeline earlier? Use the timeline effectively for measuring your goals. Though time may be abstract for scientists and philosophers, it can make wonders when wealth creation plans are bounded by it. Execution is all about measurement.

One of the ways that works – draw a horizontal line on a piece of cardboard sheet. Represent where you are, your final goals, and the timeline splits. Place great emphasis on the interim milestone posts. Those will keep you focused on the “next bit” that needs to be done, and keep you motivated through smaller accomplishments while moving towards the bigger goal.


If you are a person who loves to be online, try Trello.

Trello helps you to plan through simple cards. You can use that to draw horizontal timelines with list of things to do, or just plan out simple enough tasks.

plan to get wealthy using trello

Contentment is your enemy.

It’s easy to accept your current state, and fall into the “lethargy trap”.

If you have 4k in the bank due to your goals, why try for one more? Isn’t 4k a lot as compared to nothing a month back?

No, it is never the case. Getting to your goal is much more valuable than the short term success you had. Be absolutely clear with that. Not achieving the goals due to interim satisfaction does not generate long term results.

Don’t ever stay satisfied with “whatever I have is enough”. Contentment is often the enemy when you set out to create wealth. You are intelligent enough to have decided that when you set out your goals, you must be intelligent enough to follow them now.

Forgive yourself.

Remember you will not be perfect. Give allowances for yourself. If you have not achieved something, try aggressive goals, and better focus. Motivate yourself by envisioning what you will be when you achieve the goal.

And remember – the only failure in life is failing to try. You have drawn out the goals, created an action plan, and certainly doing something towards those goals. Appreciate yourself for it, be grateful for what you are and what you have become, and try harder.

wealth creation thoughts

Get richer by doing these self improvement activities. But do remember, at the end of the day money may not matter as much as you think!

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