Greatest Productivity Booster – Pain?

There are a million productivity boosters out there, and a gazillion books that tell you the ultimate secret to improve your productive life (including this blog. See, I am sneaky).

The end affect – zero, nada, zilch.

You end up with the same “I know everything that there is about productivity improvement”, “I am a bit more productive than where I was yesterday”, “It takes time..”.

No, it should not work that way.

That gets us to the greatest productivity booster of all times – pain, and beyond administered by your smart watch like device.

Behold – the Pavlok.

pavlok productivity booster

Pavlok is a new device being funded right now on IndiGoGo. The device works on a simple concept – it offers the other end of the stick to get you to do what you plan for yourself. See, there are too many “YOU”s, the product must be good.

Pavlok will pair with the app on iPhone or Android to appeal to your baser instincts (err.. get away from the pain), and make you get back on the track.

Say, you want to hit the gym for 1 hour, and you don’t do it. What will Pavlok do – zap you with static electricity. You did not meditate today for 10 minutes? Again, zap. You texted your ex – ZAP!

There are hundreds of other potential zaps out there including browsing time-wasters (not this website!), sitting near your window day-dreaming, and so forth.

Say, how about leaving the damn device at home – get a message on Facebook about your most recent bad behaviour, or even deduct money from your account.

You can also use it in a variety of other ways..

  • Improve your golf swing
  • Avoid nail biting
  • Avoid stepping into McDonalds
  • .. and so on. Read the IndiGoGo page for more information

Pavlok can also cause other things too – it can post to your Facebook page, beep loudly, or function as an emergency device to rescue you from frozen planets when you say “Beam me up, Scotty”.

(ok I admit, the latter was my feature request to the product owner)

pavlok monitors you to improve productivity

You got that idea. Pavlok is a lethal combination of responsibility and accountability infused in you, with the fear of pain, embarrassment, and financial loss.

Take my money already.


But no matter how powerful, Pavlok may not make you popular as the below video did for CEO Maneesh Sethi.


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