Guaranteed self improvement for free

All of us can grow. I do not mean financial growth alone – it may be philosophical, career, or anything that you think can make a better human out of you.

No matter which stage you are (assuming you have not reached Nirvana yet), you can find an opportunity to change for the better. Make  life more fulfilling, exciting and worth living.

Take that self-interest, and improve today. The easiest of all the ways of improving your life is here – it is guaranteed self improvement for free! 🙂

Get up early, or stay up late. Choose one.

Although early bird may get the worms, we can leave that to birds. As humans we have the freedom to choose.

But, do not loose sleep over which one to choose. It comes all natural – circadian rhythms, which are biological, physiological, and behavioral processes are intrinsic in you. Although difficult to change, once established pattern stays with you.

Did I say “do not loose sleep”? I was serious. There are only so many hours you can stay awake and be productive.

Get to bed following a pattern. And, when you wake up – WAKE UP! Do not snooze, do not procrastinate, do not curse the sun. It will be a magnificent day, believe me.


Coming from me this may be a stretch, but bear with me.

Probably the better days I have found is when I could get up early and hit the gym. Although I have done this for less than 10% of my adult life, I can confidently say that it was the best 10% of life.

Take a brisk walk, jog, or follow videos that teach you how to exercise in small spaces. Work your body, and see peace descend upon your brain.

 Exercise helps you relax (yes, I know this sounds strange to lazy people!). Exercise reduces stress – more than you think was possible.

Eat breakfast.

Fact of science – you need to eat to stay alive. After sleeping for 6-8 hours you need to feed. If not for anything, you have to think about not getting dumber.

Do not eat anything that you can lay your hands on. Choose your morning food.

No time you say? No problems, have a bowl of fruit!

Smile. A lot.

You are a follower of western movies and don’t trust men who smile often? Tough luck.

Wherever you go, smile at people. And, smile often.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
– Mother Teresa

I don’t meant giggling mind you. You may find the below cute, but that’s not you.

Smiling keeps you healthy. Smiling helps you socialise more. And, you did know that small talk with your neighbours can give you more happiness than money can, didn’t you?

A word of caution though – you may want to visit your dentist before flashing your teeth at everyone and everything.

Write an effective goal.

Goal helps you stay focused. Have a qualified and quantified objective that makes you look forward to life. 

It may be “earn enough to spend rest of my life in Goa”, or “provide food to at least one hungry person every month”. Make the goal something that you are passionate about. Work towards that goal every moment, review your goal and the current situation. Make improvements, change for the better, and see the goal accomplished.

Don’t forget the present moment.

The primary purpose of life is to live. Live happy, and with peace. Only the present moment can get you that.

Don’t be one of 99% humans who spend living the past. Don’t be the 99.9% who fret about the future – all the time. Also, don’t forget to live for yourself a few times.


Now, if that is not the most effective, free ways of living and improving yourself, I don’t know what is.

Correct me if I am wrong – comment!


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