Headspace: Start your meditation

I am a great fan of meditation.

But, unfortunately I do little on a daily basis to “bring myself back on track”. The problem (if you can call it that) is multi-fold –

  • I have probably seen many ways to meditate, and do not follow any of them
  • Too much information is harmful since I meditate on which method to meditate rather than just doing the thing
  • I have become kind of a consumer of information on meditation. I enjoy collecting information and thinking about how great it is, rather finding it for myself
  • I enjoy connecting the dots as I see it between meditation, spirituality, philosophy and science

All in all, I have become a wierdo who doesn’t do his thing.

But as it happens, sometimes this is what I define life as. And, I don’t regret it. But it is not quite helping the cause. So, there was a need to change.

Headspace became that change.


What is Headspace?

Headspace is for all people who are even remotely interested in meditation.

Headspace removes all the flab, religion, spirituality and complexity from meditation. It is what meditation should have been. It is what the doctor just prescribed (or will) when you have a restless mind.

headspace start meditating today

And oh.. Headspace is also some cool animations.

Headspace offers “lessons” in mindfulness meditation. For starters, this is targeted at improving your mindfulness – you being fully into whatever you are focused on doing.

Headspace is promoted by Andy Puddicombe, who seems to know what he is talking about. Listen to his TED talk to know his view son mindfulness.

Back to Headspace.


Getting started on Headspace

Signing up is easy, and zen-like. You provide your email address, chosen password, and you are all set.

You get started for free, and you get the first ten lessons for absolutely no cost. If you have never tried meditation and don’t know where to start – it is a good place to begin. You will not only know what is required to be known before you start meditating, but also get to try it first hand.

Start your intro first. This is a animated video explaining the benefits of meditation. first lesson immediately, or later – completely left to you.

headspace start meditation helper

Next, you are handed a 10 audio series on a timeline headspace lessons in mindful meditation

You can select to go through all meditations on one day, but the recommendation is to do it on different, consecutive days. Again, you can choose to do it either ways.

It is great if you have headphones, or you can choose to listen on speakers. Andy’s calm voice will guide you through a sequence of steps to bring your mind on track to meditate.

You can unlock more levels by subscribing to Headspace. You will also get access to “Singles”, which are more targeted audios that you can listen to while dealing with certain situations and need some extra boost.

headspace meditation singles

Headspace subscription fees is not cheap for a person like me. But many find it a perfect fit. The subscription starts at $7.99 per month.

Headspace meditation cost


Does Headspace work?

Short answer – yes, it does.

Headspace gives you a solid boost if you do not know how to meditate. It starts from the very beginning, explains the science, and teaches you to get started and sustain meditation practices.

The best thing is that Headspace cuts all the other unnecessary information while helping you set on the path.

You get to experience things for yourself, connect with others on the meditation journey, and reach out to the Headspace team in case of any doubts.

Overall, I was impressed with Headspace. But I find the subscription fee a tad bit higher than what I think reasonable (give me a break – I stay in India).


Try Headspace. The first 10 lessons are worth it.

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