You are insignificant!

There are two websites that you must visit from time to time.

A “size” perspective of things

We can play around a size scale on this web site to see where humans fit in the grand scheme of things (if at all there is a grand scheme as we understand it). The three pics from the website below summarize our known existential reference framework.

improve your perception smallest objects

what we see as humans

perception of size known universe

You are a player in this vast scale of things from the minutest to the largest known objects and distances. You are insignificant for nature. But utterly significant for inter-dependent ecosystems that has been created in our perceived worlds.

A “time” perspective of things

Our perception of the past, present and future is too narrow. What if you just take the past and compare that to the glorious age of the human kind?

perception of past on a time scale

We just came here about 200,000 years ago but we already think the universe about where we stand, what we have done, and what we are today.

Bottom line: You and I don’t matter in the overall picture. You eliminate humans and there is nothing lost. BUT, you and I matter a LOT to the each other and the world around us – today and at this moment. Nothing can take it away from us, and it is good it stays that way.


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