Love your work, be the change

It’s quite an old fact that you succeed at a piece of work, no matter what it is, by first loving to do it.

It holds true today, and it will be that way for the foreseeable future. The work or task can be anything – clean out the attic, rebuild a house, learn a new skill at work, or even patching up broken friendships.

The whole process of starting to love work is itself a process. First, you are afraid. You try to run away from the task for that day, try not to do it, try to shift the responsibility, or just hide and wish it would go away.

When the task doesn’t indeed go away (difficult tasks have that habit), you resign to “fate”. You grudgingly go through the motions, and think about what life could have been if you did not have to do this task. While getting the work done, your life is hell.

And, the saga continues through the next piece of work, the next task and in general, with life.

Change life

When you see and know that you are experiencing life like described, it is time to change!

But change is not easy on humans. For the majority it is looking at the abyss before all hell breaks loose. Don’t be one of those humans.

Be this guy who can take a dip in the change, see whether it works and comes out.

change yourself

Rebel against the status quo. Start loving the work, and see the work love you back.

Embed simple enough things in your daily routines to introduce a twist.


Start by asking simple questions.

Is this task adding value to your life? The value can be anything – decluttering your attic, providing a sense of accomplishment with a new skill, adding an exciting day in your life, or just adding money to the kitty so that you can live one more day.

If the work does any of these things, why do you not love it? May be you do not love the way the work is accomplished and not the work itself? Or, you have problems other people associated with that work?

If the answer to the above question is in the negative, ditch the task and move on. Life is good, do not waste it on something that you don’t like.


Analyse what can change

Change is never bad. Change happens all the time.

While it is easy to develop a perception that change is difficult, in reality it need be so. Explore ways to make the current work exciting. Simple changes can go a long way.

For example, if you are trying to learn a new skill try audio books or videos instead of traditional books. Try a new tool to clean the boring task of window cleaning. Take different routes to work rather than following the same path every day.


Implement the change, look for the next change.

Once you analyse what can change it is easy enough to go ahead and follow it. But, don’t get too comfortable with it. Look out for the next change, the next improvement/optimizing technique. Anything saying constant or the same bores humans like you and me.


Get Inspired.

We are social animals. It is always good to mix with fellow humans, talk, get frustrated and learn from each other. Check what went right in their lives, and how you can tailor it in yours.


The person in the image above is Kirill Oreshkin, Russian ‘spiderman’. Look at this video where Kirill states in a matter of fact way that he was afraid of heights. And, he is now a person who hangs from buildings supported just by his fingers.


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