Are you one of those who look at Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson and scores of others and wonder – how the heck can they manage to cram so many things in so little time?

Do you ever contemplate if –

  • They time travel. While you and I have a slow trip to the next block, the successful people zip across the multiverse (also explains why they are successful – they learn across universes).
    time travel productivity
    Unquestionably, they cannot be bound by something silly like “only 24 hours in a day”.
  • The highly productive people have their brains wired differently. I would have given another Hollywood movie here, but I will leave it to you as homework.
  • They belong to, or have a secret arrangement with Jumper community to eliminate travel time?
    save time by becoming jumper
    Get coffee… whoosh… dictate to Secretary … whoosh .. travel to International Date Line (well, as much as a place as any) – you know the drill.

If you answer any of the questions as “yes” – you are weird and should consult a doctor.


.. you could also read a 19 page “5 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day” that clearly outlines what the highly productive people do right every day.

Update: the book is gone. Get audiobook here.

Charlie Milan book review

It is simple, really. The facts are broken down into five categories for you uninitiated simpletons –

  1. Stick to a morning routine
  2. Exercise
  3. Value time
  4. Commit to Priorities
  5. Write Everything Down

No sh*t. That is it – you now are on the path to greatness automagically.

I am presently stuck at step (3). While I’ve outsourced the heck out, I am still trying to figure out what to do with all that time.

The book has its highlights –

  • Make time by getting up early and use that time productively
  • Outsource less productive work to free up your time
  • Free up your mind by writing stuff down
  • Use to cultivate a habit for 90 days (yep.. you read that right –
  • Learn to exercise from (yep.. you read that right too. But stay here for two more minutes)

But, it isn’t quite there.

The book could have been far, far better. There are scores of things that people do, don’t do, or can’t do. While the author does make some points about how successful, productive people do stuff, the message gets diluted – real fast.

Did David Allen outsource his typing? Does Mr. Buffett do the chores? Did Bill Gates resolve the BSOD by himself? We are never going to find out here. The author superimposes his ideas in the later parts of the book, and the title just dissociates itself with the content.

The book does make a good 15 min read rather than wasting your time playing Farmville or watching TV.

5 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day [Book died on Amazon]

Audio-book on Audible.