Limitless, Improve your productivity on the internet

If you spend anywhere beyond 30 min browsing, checking emails or checking your social media accounts, then you know how difficult is it to keep your focus straight and get things done.

Internet is a big, big helper to gain knowledge and learn new things. Internet is also a big distraction while you are trying to learn something new. It is really easy to “go check that Facebook account one more time”, “check whether my friends commented on my latest cat video”, and the list goes on.

Although you don’t do it purposefully it is deemed all natural to spend 2-5 min doing something other than your focus area. And, 2-3 min add up. Before you know you have spent 30 min on the latest Psy video, and you catch yourself whiling away time again.

If you are that person, Limitless is the solution that you are looking for.

Limitless is a Chrome app.  You just go to the Chrome store, install it, and start using it.


What can you do with Limitless?

  • Set goals for yourself. You can divide the goals as the annual goal, or your daily goal.

set goals in limitless

  • Categorise websites that you visit as related to your work, hobby, entertainment and more. Limitless looks at your history and tracks how much time you spend on each of your websites
  • Monitor your productivity! Your productivity is there to see whenever you open a new tab. You can also have a quick look at the limitless button next to the browser address bar that is flashing green or red depending on how productive you have been

  • Make it look awesome while doing all of this. Limitless has beautiful wall papers that change depending on the time of the day, and your productivity
  • Make “smart notes” that can be quickly referenced within your browser
  • Follow Limitless blog to get some great productivity tips


Limitless is free. Go ahead, try it and see whether your internet productivity improves.

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