Maintain to-do lists without getting overwhelmed

to-do lists

To-do lists help you stay organised in this chaotic world. They can be as simple as scribbles on a piece of paper, or as complex as a well-defined structure in Microsoft Project Plan. With the explosion in technology related to mobility and how you remain connected across devices, to-do lists must also morph to the new reality. This has happened quite well, check out these two options to stay on top of your thoughts and work.





Workflowy is a rather simple tool that has a clean UI. You need to just login, and start jotting down your lists. You can also build an infinite hierarchy, and make notes to your heart’s content. You get to share the list with others through a Workflowy link. While the website is supported through an app on iPad/iPhone, Android users and desktop users can also use the offline app available on Chrome store. My recommendation for Workflowy is for simple lists.



Asana lies to the other end of the spectrum as far as to-do lists are concerned. It is a really well made personal project management tool that helps you categorize and organize life. Asana helps you to create projects/tasks, assign due dates, add attachments, and share them with a others or your team. Asana is very much aligned to your presence in all devices, and supports apps in iOS and Android.

I use Workflowy for simple tasks that are not expected to take more than a week, and do not need complex organization structure, and use Asana for all other tasks. There are quite a few tools that fill the gap between these two. If you are looking for alternatives, try reading through:

Have something else that you use and find much better? Share with the world thorough a comment!

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