What am I doing now?

I’m spending all my time with the following activities. The activities are ordered by priority and what I should be doing, not necessarily entertainment.

  • Learning salesforce: you can see more of this at crmcog.com.
  • Learning Javascript at the excellent Free Code Camp website
  • Understanding more about life by reading/watching videos of Alan Watts
  • Playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag [not something I’m really proud of, but eh]


Why this page?

A hat-tip to Derek Sivers and his Now movement 🙂

My productivity has not been great in 2015. Although I started a few projects, I did not quite finish them. That is a reflection of how I apply mindfulness in my everyday life.

It is also a fact that my commitment to this blog has not been astounding to say the least.

I resolve to solve both issues by focusing on what is important, publishing them for what they are worth and sticking to that publicly made commitment.