Oppression and Conflict

I chanced upon an older Israeli – Palestinian conflict documentary focused on one of the incidents in 2014. It was more than interesting for me to watch the different side of the conflict and how humans see and react to the situation. (btw Vice is not the absolute neutral observer, but you must watch their splendid reporting and compare notes with other sources). This post is not to argue the different sides of the conflict, but a few half baked thoughts about why we act in a certain way, and how situations develop on the basis of our reaction.


Have a look here..


Oppression in any form is a crime. I am talking about all living (& probably, non living ) things – not humans alone. I’m no sage and have no insights to offer, but the observations distilled from others’ experiences and teachings have changed the way I think , or simply “observe”.

  • Although people from the weaker side talk about oppression in general, is there really such a thing?
    The mind perceives the oppression meted out in various ways – may it be the preferential queues in super markets, restricted access to certain areas (for e.g. the old Jerusalem in the video). The levels of oppression varies by a large margin, but the participants believe in the stories that we tell each other and stand united to face the oppressor.
    Here is a sample of those stories –

Israel keeps hunting down Palestinians for nothing

Palestinians are violent and cause trouble

We have to get the other side and the world to believe in our stories and point of view, because that is what matters

  • Even in a comparative stable region like Acre in North Israel, the Arabs express anguish that they are discriminated and express solidarity with the people who receive the short end of the stick in Gaza and elsewhere.

Though the young men and women are going to be as alien to a Saudi Arabia as Martians, they believe the stories that being Arabs make them stand out, less safe and subject to discrimination. The young lady in the video will not be given access to roam around streets in Saudi Arabia, let alone speak to unknown men on camera

Israelis are wary of always being on guard and feel that all Palestinians, regardless of their current affiliation and views, are stone throwers (who will easily pick up rockets if given access to) and trouble makers

  • There is a lot of hate around. Though the physical aspects of living are really important (for e.g. if I don’t have internet in a peaceful society, will I make these arm chair observations on how the world is/should be), do humans ever get to transcend their current state?

Can we en masse step back, and observe of what things are?

Do we stop seeing life as a series of reactions to reactions, leading to an infinite loop?

Do we step back and questioning fundamentals of why we do what we do? Why is there a nation state that draws virtual boundaries? Why does one set of homo sapiens feel the need to impress their ideas and thoughts on others?


If everyone converts to one religion, have physical transformation to be of the same color and other physical attributes, and agree to be under the same state, do we see humans suddenly move to the next level?

As things stand today, I can guarantee that there are always sides to be picked and fights to be fought. This is hard-wired physical survival at work, which is interested in furthering one’s own genes, no matter how common the neighbor’s genes are to said individual.

We continue to live by spreading these stories, feeling better or oppressed, and fighting to live and to die –  until better sense prevails.