Price of Presenteeism

Absenteeism costs the company. You don’t turn up at work – you deprive your company of a few bucks that day. Did you also know that you can also cause loss to the company by being present? I am not talking about the managers, executives and no-gooders who are part of any office. I am talking about people who being …

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Grow a garden in your kitchen

grove labs kitchen garden

I am a fan of sustainable living. I try to incorporate many of the principles in my life, but I have a far distance to cover. As one of the many things that we try to do as a family is to grow our own vegetables in a small garden. When I say “we” – it is mostly my team …

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3 wonderful free programs to take notes

Note taking is not really new. It has existed for as far as mankind existed, but the poor sods earlier relied on stone tablets, cave walls and other such platforms. As we progressed in technology we have now graduated to written content on paper, and on phones, desktops and tablets of a different kind. The principle however, remains the same. …

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Find out times in all time zones while booking meetings

When you have meetings attendees across time zones, you know how difficult is to adjust time. You can take a safe bet that something will go wrong when there are more than two time zones in the play. One of the ways you try to get time in different time zones while you are speaking to people is to use …

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5 things holding you back from your real destiny

Well, since you are reading the article anyway, let me clarify one thing first – there is NO destiny. There is no destiny within the ambit of the larger destiny that the universe has for you. Confused? Yes, that was my objective. I think and act like a mystique, and it helps to keep you confused. Let’s now jump to …

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Boost your presentation even without you being there

Presentation slides are one of the abused media to get the message across to an audience. Lately with the love for whitespace and in the zest to follow greater presenters, it has been the accepted norm to include more images, less text, and be descriptive verbally. There are enough situations where you cannot just do a 10 slider with bold …

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Know more about Google’s Self Driving Cars

google self-driving car prototype

Self-driving cars are being experimented by car companies, technology companies, and probably even by your neighbour (secretly of course). Google self-driving cars have been making more noise than the rest. And, they took it to the next level when they removed the steering wheel, break pedals and all the paraphernalia that you have come to associate with the driver-less cars. …

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We want free Credit Scores [India]

cibil credit score free

In India we can get Credit Scores/Credit Reports from CIBIL. What started as a surprise in 2009-10, has now become the norm for issuance of loans, credit cards and the like. Credit score is important to get any kind of financial assistance from reputed institutions today.   About Credit Score issued by CIBIL Credit score are issued by CIBIL, the Credit Bureau …

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Save money weekly, see it add up [challenge]

52 week challenge Google spreadsheet

This is an age of instant gratification. If you are into saving money, you are much better off seeing those savings add up – even if it means smaller increments. Regardless of the age we are in, humans always plan and work better in smaller chunks. How about applying the smart principles to save money for yourself. Well, smart people have …

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30 ways to improve your brain power

improve brain power

Who doesn’t want more power? And, who doesn’t want power to gain more power? I don’t see enough hands being raised. I safely assume humans love one word when it comes to power – “more”. But, we are not here to talk about power over other humans, but power over yourself. Power over the most important part that gives us …

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Share Kindle Notes to Specific People

Kindle Reader for Android EVERYWHERE

I just love Kindle. Not the device (that just wouldn’t be me), I love the app. I have used Kindle reader on my Android tablet(s) for a long time now. Kindle has a really well-done interface, understands multiple formats (MOBI, PDF, HTML and of course Amazon’s own AZW), and acts like a bookshelf in addition to being a reader for most of …

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Celebrate Planet of the Apes

dawn of the planet of the apes

It is high time to get another franchise of the Planet of the Apes movie. From what I hear, this is a great franchise that deserves all the money it is going to get. Just, not yet. Call me a lazy movie buff, and I will take it. I fondly remember the original Planet of the Apes. Those were the …

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Dayboard: Simple productive task tracker for Chrome

Dayboard simple productivity improvement

I have mentioned about Limitless previously. It is a nifty little extension to keep an eye on your productivity on the internet. What do you do if you are distracted at the source, and not paying heed to all the glorious tasks you had in mind? You simplify. You try to split your life goal into manageable chunks. You focus. …

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How do you relate to the universe?

It has been one of my fascinating thoughts to imagine myself as part of the universe, or as the universe itself. The thinking that “Everyone and everything is pure conciousness” had (and still has) its appeal. Even with that thinking in the background, I could not easily comprehend the simple fact outlined by the graphic below. The facts are simple enough. Neurons …

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