Planning short trips around Bengaluru? Head here..

If you are one of those people who get all worked up with the great traffic stories of Bengaluru, and want to stop with that – it is perfectly fine.

It so happens that a few people out there carry that enthusiasm to the weekends, and experiment. Their idea of weekends is not sitting in front of the computer to browse more pages, but going around to explore.

If you are one of those people, or aspiring to be one, it is not easy to get all the information in one place. You will ask around, explore to the very boundaries that your stamina, your bike, or your car allows. You will not like that experience.

Or, you may simply be looking for the one day trips around Bengaluru without breaking bank, or venturing into the rocking sea. You will need to be armed with more information than what is in Google maps, or in any of the polished TV shows you see.

Although there are a few websites that cover this territory, I found one of the websites really easy to understand, and more direct in their approach. That is

short trips around bengaluru

Started by a few young riders, the website gives a run down of various places you can visit around our beloved city. It starts with a few easier rides, and go on to a range of places you can visit on nothing more than a 150CC bike.

places around bengaluru to visit using bike

The trips are not entirely for the “stay safe at home, and enjoy tea” kinds.

They give the places, the roads, all the little things you can do on the journey, and their own experience. The write ups are entertaining, the information is fantastic, and everything is down-to-earth and practical for your own trips.

Try the trips, and know for thyself.

If you want to know the latest road conditions, you can always ask for advice on Team BHP.

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