Quantum meditation to attract wealth

I am a believer in the power of Yoga.

I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully, to incorporate the yogic principles and methods in daily life. But, I consider myself to be aware of a few yoga practices that helps the body, mind and soul.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out something called quantum yoga. And, even more surprise when I can use quantum meditation to attract wealth.

Quantum yoga for humanity

Quantum yoga is said to be pioneered by Shahid Al Bukhari Mahajatak, of Bangladesh.

The name has been chosen since the Guru has been inspired by quantum mechanics. The logic behind the naming itself does not lend well to their message, so I will leave it to you to find out more. The main intent of the yoga is to find the optimum balance in life which is nearer to word “optimum”, rather than “quantum” (=discrete). But, quantum yoga works as a term and a marketing methodology. So, we leave it at that.

The said practice is simple enough.

  1. You find a peaceful place to meditate. A nice place will be well ventilated, with no harsh light. Wear clothing that is comfortable
  2. Relax your mind. Start with thinking about a recent happy incident
  3. You may meditate in any comfortable posture – sitting down on a chair or floor, or lying down
  4. Listen to meditation audio. Download for free
  5. Now it starts getting interesting. First you reach the Alpha Station. This is a beautiful place where your mind and body are completely relaxed. Only the newbies need alpha station, rest can directly go to Quantum Home
  6. You reach Quantum Home is your own little home in the mind. It is in picture-perfect surroundings that depict peace, and has rooms for healing, praying and anything else
  7. You think and say “shanti, shanti” as the mantra to pacify your mind
  8. You create a vision of the future – “monchhobi” (literally, your mind’s wish or desire in Bengali). By thinking about the future, you start creating it


Nothing really new in the practice. Follows the traditional ways to make your body and mind relax, attain a peaceful state, and use auto-suggestions to be a better human.

What I liked?

The practice has been created by a Muslim, and taught in a predominantly Muslim country. I have always believed yoga has no religious boundaries, and am grateful to this organization for demonstrating that quite nicely.

The techniques are more earthly, and will find an immediate appeal for thousands or even millions. You create a strong future state for loosing weight – you see results, you think about a better you who is always happy – yes, you indeed see more happiness in life.

Although the relationship with quantum mechanics is loose, I have to agree that it works as a brandable name.

<< Want to see how quantum mechanics ties back to philosophy and spirituality? read The Tao of Physics >>

I really liked the fact that the organization feels it fit to lay down all methods for free on the web. You can just navigate through the site to see what exactly they recommend, how to do the meditation, and what you can expect.


And, the method works. No matter how you do meditation – the main objective is all about relaxing your mind. This will enable to know more about life and the living faster by slowing yourself down. Am delighted to see yoga practised in whatever the form.

And, the organization is more than just yoga and getting donations. They seem to do a lot of work for uplifting humanity in their own way – good for them.

If you are wondering about the post title, now is the time to break the champagne.

Quantum meditation to attract wealth

It is easy to see the co-relation. Quantum yoga teaches people to create this picture in their mind on what they want to become. This is a rather powerful way to visualize and create reality. You would need a lot of practice to achieve that, but you do get incremental benefits on the way.

But, the fortunate thing for humanity is – when you do achieve a state when you can create a better reality for yourself, you loose interest in this “reality”. Quite fortunate indeed.


At the same time, getting this method to work for better money making opportunities is a smart twist and a business opportunity. Although I am not sure of the affiliation of Quantum Money Meditations [dead and gone. Archive linked](a money making machine that helps others) with Quantum Methods (a non-profit organization), I am willing to take bet without buying the product that it is same of it, and then some.

5 Secret Quantum Meditations Used By 1,000’s To Attract Wealth

The said videos can be accessed for free by subscribing to the email list. The first four quantum meditation training programs are free, and you can decide to buy the audio required to do the meditation.

It is a good business proposal. Finding peace of mind, and earning money while doing it – who can resist this temptation?

The program may also deliver what it promised – which is showing the path to become a better human. Practising the art and science of yoga is left to the individual anyway.


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