How do you relate to the universe?

It has been one of my fascinating thoughts to imagine myself as part of the universe, or as the universe itself. The thinking that “Everyone and everything is pure conciousness” had (and still has) its appeal.

Even with that thinking in the background, I could not easily comprehend the simple fact outlined by the graphic below.

neuron galaxy

The facts are simple enough.

Neurons are connected to one another in a complex pattern, and they make the brain tick.

Star systems are spread out in the vastness of the galaxy and universe. They appear to light up the sky, but do not consume the whole of darkness. The light makes the pattern come alive.
The right hand side just shows the computer simulation – we just don’t have the resources to “see” the galaxy for what it is.

There is a striking similarity between the two patterns – neurons in the brain, vs. stars in the galaxy.


For the naysayers, this is simple and straight-forward..

1. Coincidence

2. Ability of human brain to see a pattern where none exists


But for the people who find realism difficult to fathom, this present new food for thought. The way nature repeats itself from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy is simply too amazing to brush off as coincidence.

Are we simple talking about giants who have star systems as neurons, or a string of universes that are so different that one of them is just an atom to the other?


Life is simple, and complex at the same time.

We can look at life as a string of happy and sad moments, and carry our hope and fear forward to the morrow.

Or, we can just strive to answer the ONE BIG question.

The reality is – you will get success and failure in measures. Accept it, learn your lessons, and move forward. There is a far bigger world waiting for you just around the corner.

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