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If you are like me, you would be keeping an eye (or two) on the ongoing deals for games on Steam sales, Humble Bundle, and a host of other sites.

Steam, especially, does multiple repeats of “best, never-before deals” that can cause a couple of nervous breakdowns. Flash deals, seasonal sales and daily deals do not quite help you take the best decision when buying games on a budget. I have had multiple exciting weekends after getting a 2-year old game at a fantastic price point, only to realize that it was selling 20% lower in a past event. It gets quite confusing on on what game was on sale, whether it had a previous price drop, and whether you can expect it to drop further in the near future.

Few sites like Steam Game Sales, browser plugins like Enhanced Steam, and even mobile apps from Steam help you stay on the top. But an occasional help from technology to refresh the weak human mind is most certainly welcome.

Also, though Steam may be the best place to buy games *most* of the time it does get tricky when you are looking at bundles, DLCs and interested in a few indie games. You would certainly want to make a smart buy, but don’t want to get bogged down by the purchasing decision itself 🙂

A simple solution to this problem – Is there any deal.

game deals on

This not-so-well-designed website is a treasure tove of game sales. It offers –

  • a run down of current sales from multiple sources
  • the price points today compared to past prices of the games
  • bundles that contain the game in question (yes, bundle prices get lower prices sometimes)
  • links for more information (and pointer to metacritic reviews, how helpful is that!)

find whether current game deals offer the lowest prices

Design and UX are next to nothing when the website is offering aggregation of so many good deals in one place.

I found this website especially useful while comparing the earlier offers (should I buy this game at this price today?), and to decide between the stand-alone game vs. the DLC+extended edition packs (should I “invest” thousand more hours on this game?).

If that’s not useful, what is?

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